Daisuki | Ramen Lausanne

November 15, 2021

Nestled on the vibrant yet often over-looked Avenue de France is Daisuki, a new Japanese and Korean restaurant with a bright and airy atmosphere offering delicious home-made ramen and ramyun.

Daisuki, a compound word in Japanese that literally translates into “dai” (大), which means big, and “suki” (好き) which is the action of loving, has already proven to be loved amongst Lausanne’s foodies. We arrived around noon and the large space was mostly packed, and once we settled into our table and ordered our food, there was a line out the door. People were obviously seeking warmth in the space, but ultimately in a comforting and delicious bowl of homemade ramen in Lausanne.

Though the menu is filled with delightful surprises (some of which we couldn’t pronounce), it is curated and thoughtful. The spotlight is on the ramen (Japanese) or the ramyun (Korean), with four different bowls to choose from – some vegetarian, and others with pork or chicken. Each bowl is packed with a variety of delicious vegetables, mushrooms, kimchi and nitamago eggs. You have the option to choose your broth, and though we encourage you to ask the server to steer you in the right direction based on the flavors in your bowl, we can guarantee that the broths will be perfectly balanced – not too salty, filled with the pleasant umami taste we all crave in our ramen. Also if you’re into spicy, ask for a dash of the huile piquant – it’s just enough spice to add a bit of warmth to your core without overwhelming the distinct flavors in your bowl.

Another highlight besides the gyoza was the Tteokbokki. A Korean simmered “rice cake” served in a delightfully spicy gochujang sauce with a perfect soft-boiled egg in the center. It was a texture and a flavor we had never encountered before, and isn’t it wonderful to be occasionally surprised during your dining experience?

TLG Tip: Order the Yuzu lemonade with sparkling water and leave room for mochi ice cream at the end.

Tuesday – Saturday: 12h-14h, 19h-22h

021 320 45 55

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