Culture Cafe’s New Menu (& New Chef)

November 10, 2015
Anyone who knows us well, knows that there are a handful of Lausanne locations where you can find us regularly. And if it happens to be lunchtime, those locations can be narrowed down to a select few–or maybe even just one place that has held our hearts palettes since we tried their famous meatballs.

So when Culture Café announced they were unveiling a new menu, created by a new chef, with new ingredients, and new methods of preparation–we first made sure the meatballs weren’t going anywhere, and then we anxiously went to try it out.
Salade bento terre
You guys. How can a little café with a teensy kitchen, situated in a bookstore create some of the most mouth-watering, beautifully composed, flavorful (and healthy) dishes? Though much of Culture Café’s success can be attributed to founder Cyril’s culinary background and passion for creative cooking (we recently discovered he’s the CEO and founder of Parisian food magazine le MIAM), BUT we must say that this new chef has brought Culture’s food game to an entirely new level.
His name is JC Camilleri (formerly a chef at Luncheonette) and he comes from the region of Toulon. He brings new flavors and methods to the already gorgeous menu at Culture, particularly influenced by asian cuisine–most notably Thaï (which can be sampled in their new Salade Bento Terre, featuring a Beef Tartare prepared with a twist).
So what’s on the new menu? First of all, if you didn’t think Culture Café could get any more child friendly (with their Kid’s Corner and Babycinnos), they now have a kid’s menu for the littles. Violet-the-intern enjoyed pasta with a chicken meatball–perfectly portioned to last her two meals!
The most exciting new additions, however, are the salade bento terre & mer; seasonal mixed greens, rice, lentils, or quinoa, with a dollop of vegetable caviar and either beef tartare or fish chirashi. 
Assiette Boulettes (an LG favorite); can be prepared with various sauces such as pesto or spicy tomato
Assiette poulet mariné aux épices du moment; this one was made with parmesan sauce
There are of course several other selections to choose from–for those with big appetites, and those who just want a little snack with the city’s best double cappuccino (try the gluten-free chocolate tart!), but overall we must say that Culture Café has quickly become our favorite place for lunch–and now with this new menu (and new chef), it’ll be hard to convince us to try anything else….at least for awhile.
Thank you Cyril & JC for your hospitality and the incredibly delicious food. We shall see you soon!


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