Creacion del Tata

February 10, 2016
It’s Wednesday–which means it’s market day! And though the weather be unpredictable, and wet, and windy, and simply depressing, we have one reason for you to venture out: empanadas.
Our love for Creacion del Tata‘s authentic Chilean empanadas is no secret–Eliana (pictured above) has catered our baby showers (one of us is half-Chilean after all), curbed our late-night cravings, and has alleviated our husbands’ hanger (hunger+anger) when battling the crowds on a Saturday in town.  If you’ve ever walked past Globus on a Wednesday or Saturday, you’ve certainly seen her–or heard her (unless she is blocked by the queue of people waiting for the fresh delivery from her restaurant near Place du Tunnel). She is the one laughing and smiling, calling you “hija“, and beckoning in Spanish for all to come try her mouthwateringly warm & savory treats.
Though she has a variety of empanadas now, we must say our favorite is the original beef which is a family recipe, passed down by her grandfather Tata. Packed with flavorful minced meat, onions, spices, egg, (and a black olive for good measure), it is literally a full meal packed into one beautiful triangular pastry.
And if you need more convincing, check out her amazing reviews on TripAdvisor, how she impressed Guérilla Gourmande’s palate, or how her empanadas were called ‘the best in Lausanne’ by L’Hebdo.

Creacion del Tata
Rue de la Borde 9, 1018 Lausanne
+41 21 647 03 36

Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm
Or every Wednesday and Saturday at the market from 9:30am-1:30pm

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