Cool Down in these Lausanne Area Pools

July 15, 2022

Photograph by Emilio Garcia, Article by Arti Buxi

We’re so lucky to be living in a city that has some gorgeous public pools sprinkled across the city and its surroundings. If you’re lucky enough to be spending your summer in Lausanne, here’s a list of swimming pools that are so neat, an’ will have you twistin’, no doubt. Apologies to Dire Straits.

For folks who love jumping and diving, Bellerive piscine is the place to be.  The Olympic sized pool has 4 diving boards, for all levels of courage! My son’s favorite bits are the amazing water fountains in the family pool. One of the largest pool areas in Lausanne, Bellerive on a good day can accommodate up to 8000 people. Kids love the Pataugeoires ludiques – the ankle-deep splash pool that is pirate-themed. 

A beach like access to the lake, basketball and beach volleyball courts, ping pong tables, inflatables on the lake, and multiple snack bars – Bellerive is the perfect family pool space you never knew you needed.

Parking is difficult next to the pool, best to get there by bus.

Bus 24, Bus 86. Stop: Bellerive

View of Lake Geneva from Pully Plage

©Pully Plage Tandoori Restaurant

This one is my favorite, I’ll admit. With gorgeous views, Pully Plage is like having your own Club Med at municipal prices. As the name suggests, located by the lakeside in Pully, there’s an Olympic size pool for all you serious lap lovers. There’s a pool for kids all ages to splash around, and a baby pool too. But that’s not all, a nice lake side swim is accessible too, though not via a sandy beach format.

A little known secret: the restaurant at Pully Plage has one of the best Indian food places I’ve come across in the greater Lausanne region.  Plus, award winning combination of pizzas and (authentic) samosas available all day!

Parking is available but gets full very soon. Again, access by bus is easy.

Bus 21. Stop: Vignes

 Bus 47. Stop: Pully Port and then walk for 3 minutes.

You’re walking around in a residential area, and boom – suddenly you come across an Olympic size pool, replete with a wave pool, no less! 5 times a day, during summer, you’ll hear kids and adults alike screaming in delight as the waves rock ‘em up and down providing endless joy. There’s a super Portuguese restaurant alongside the pool that also serves the essential pool side cuisine of pizzas all day on weekends.  Montchoisi piscine is small, but it packs a punch. Perfect for quick post work laps on summer weekdays.

Best to get here by bus, as parking is very limited.

Bus numbers, 25, 8, 21. Stop: Montchoisi

PS – come winter, this pool gets converted into a lovely outdoor ice skating rink.

PPS – the pool is sadly closed through the summer of 2022 for renovations. But we can’t wait for it to reopen in 2023

©AquaSplash Renens

A waterpark in Renens, just outside Lausanne, this place is a smorgasbord of sensations. There are two amazing slides that are part of the entry ticket, one of which is 100 m long.  Then, for the adrenaline junkies, there are other water slides with funky names like Kamikaze and Cyclone and Harakiri, that hint the sensations they intend to provide the slider. I’ve not tried these, nor have the desire to. But if that’s your jam, then they are there for you – just note:  you do need to pay additional for these toboggans though.

My favorite is the trampolines – it’s the first time in my life I saw a “vending machine” trampoline – you pay 1 Fr, the ground opens, and you jump for 6 minutes. I am addicted.  

Aquasplash even offers scuba diving induction lessons (on my bucket list).  For party animals, if you’re a group of 10 or more, you can also reserve a private area with tables and benches and a mini-fridge.  Summer’s all planned out!

There’s a nice big parking area available, but you can also get there by bus directly from Lausanne.

Bus 25. Stop: Renens Piscine

Which are your favorite Lausanne pools to cool down?

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