25 Jul 17

The Great Lausanne Croissant Search

As many of you know, we asked last week on social media where you have found the best croissant in Lausanne. Over 80 people responded with suggestions all over Lausanne! It was impossible for us to visit every single suggestion, so we chose the top four artisanal bakeries (in terms of repeated suggestions): Romain C., Nessi, Non-Solo, Lucien Moutarlier, and used the popular chain Fleur de Pains as a ‘control’ in our experiment. For us, a perfect croissant must have the following characteristics: a crisp, flaky exterior with a deep golden brown color that gives way to a chewy & buttery interior. We thoroughly enjoyed every single croissant (except the one from Fleur de Pains–sorry, but this one was extremely underwhelming and lacked variation in terms of texture & flavor), but it’s true that each one had different qualities that may resonate as ‘the best’ with different people based on personal
18 Jul 17

Meet Thibaut

On any given day, a guest could open up the wine list at the prestigious 2 Michelin-Starred restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace hotel, and just randomly point to one of the three thousand wines on offer. And on any given day, Thibaut Panas will describe with great detail and passion what this wine has to offer, and whether it’s the right fit for the meal. This is just a small part of a greater role as Head Sommelier at the Beau-Rivage Palace, but for Thibaut, interaction with guests, sharing each wine’s story, and attempting to provide a bridge between his cellar and the table is what it’s all about. We met with Thibaut on a sunny spring afternoon, excited to learn a little bit more about the world of the sommelier. We had recently watched an incredible documentary on Netflix called SOMM, which follows four individuals who are preparing
13 Jul 17

Street Style – Kati

Isn’t this contrasted look that Kati put together perfect for a coffee at Folie Voltaire and a stroll in the park? A denim jacket is great in Lausanne when the weather can go from scorching and sunny to chilly and stormy in a matter of minutes. These bell sleeves are all the rage this season, and this casual cotton version would be easy to pair with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.We think she is such a natural beauty! On Kati Earrings: NinaBee Zurich  Moustache ring: Soda Boutik Lausanne  Open red ring: Viva Frida Lausanne  Black Bag: Nat & Nin bought from Kétala Boutique Lausanne  Black sandals: Eureka bought in Lisbon  Green trousers: bought in Le Mouton Lausanne  White top: Zara Lausanne  Denim jacket: H&M Lausanne 
28 Jun 17

A Weekend at The Lausanne Palace & Spa

We have occupied this little space of the internet for just over five years, and could not believe that this was the first time we decided to do an overnight creative retreat. As a team of three, we’ve realized just how complicated communication can be; our lives are already filled with our daily jobs, kids, and other social obligations, that it’s rare for all of us to be available at the exact same time. So when a weekend popped up where we were all free, we jumped on it and decided to have what we dubbed a “TLG Creative Retreat” right here in Lausanne. And the location? None other than the iconic Lausanne Palace & Spa right in the heart of the city. We knew we wanted our weekend to be productive, but also helllooooo, we were staying at THE Palace—so we made sure to leave room for a

Where to shop in Lausanne: La Mise En Bière

**La Mise En Bière has moved (but not too far!)–check out the updated address below** It doesn’t look like much from the street. In fact, you can pass the shop without really knowing it’s there (and it took me quite some time to find it, even with my I-phone navigating me). Above the doorway hangs a sign that reads, ‘Tailleur’—something that has no doubt misled several passersby. But if you do discover this shop, you will immediately succumb to its charm…and the hundreds of bottles of beer you desperately want to try. Claude is a man who knows what he loves. He always loved beer, but pragmatism steered him toward a 9-5 job in an office with cubicles and a boss. Sound familiar? It wasn’t until last year that he decided to ditch the corporate scene and join forces with his friend Daniel, the founder of La Mise En
14 Jun 17

Café des Patronnes

Picture this: heading out shopping with your girlfriends, and you stumble upon a charming space–chalk-drawn floral motifs cover the walls, and racks of clothing are arranged by color and pattern and style–all little treasures and all for a very affordable price. The space is welcoming & the gorgeous vintage chairs and sofas invite you to try out some “slow shopping.” So you order a cappuccino from their bar, the backsplash an eclectic mix of colorful tiles, and you sit and chat and meander. You sift through blouses and sequin dresses, platform shoes and cross-body bags, and you wonder what their story was, what former life they lived, and whether you could somehow fit that item into a new story of your own. Morgane and Mélodia opened up Café des Patronnes, a second-hand boutique and café, just over a week ago and already there is quite a buzz. While second-hand clothing
13 Jun 17

La Soirée Parfaite | Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Do you ever feel like you need a holiday from your holidays? We know, we know [insert eye roll here]. But after 27-hours of transatlantic travel with two very tired children (AND a stomach bug during the entire journey to top it all off), we were MORE than ready for a little bit of mid-week luxury. So when we were given the opportunity to test out La Soirée Parfaite at the gorgeous Hotel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey, we said yes yes yes. “A perfect evening” sounds like exactly what we need. Hotel des trois couronnes Spa For the months of June & September, Hotel des Trois Couronnes is offering a package where you and your date can unwind from the day at the Puressens Spa, then mosey upstairs to their Michelin- starred restaurant for a three-course gastronomic dinner. The offer is during the weekday–Tuesday or Wednesday–which was actually such a
31 May 17

Street Style – Vernon

  Vernon Dubner, We’ve been friends with this dapper fellow for years now. He’s the creative flair behind Dubner Moderne Art Gallery and a fixture in the entrepreneurial community here in Lausanne. As a graduate of EHL and a local business owner, he’s deeply rooted in the city. But Vernon brings a touch of his native home–NYC–to the way that he dresses. (This man can rock a bow tie better than anyone we’ve ever met.) And each time we see him, we can’t help but comment – “Vernon, you’re making Lausanne look GOOD.” His style is impeccable, but the best thing about Vernon is that he embodies class. Grace and elegance mix with unassuming sincerity and a surprising lack of pretension for a man who spends a good bit of the year attending art fairs and exhibitions. We love the way that his art gallery is an extension
18 May 17

Les Jardins du Château de Vullierens 2017

**The competition is now closed – Congrats to winners Tonia, Emily Plank, Ysaline, Caroline Hansen, and Sandra** It’s that time of year again when the Château de Vullierens opens up their gardens for the public to take in the wonder of 50,000 flowers on 4 hectares of gorgeous property. We say this every year, but these gardens hold such a special place in our yearly ritual of kicking off summer–it’s a beautiful way of letting go of the busyness of life, and getting lost in the calm of nature. This year they gave a carte blanche to the Center of Contemporary Art in Yverdon-Les-Bains to outfit the different gardens with moving pieces–large installations found throughout the property; an alluring juxtaposition of nature-made and man-made. Twenty seven different artists have contributed to the gardens this year: each piece reflecting their idea of the landscape, using different forms and different materials. Not
17 May 17

Beat Fitness

No contracts, no fuss, just incredible 45 minute workouts at this fitness boutique that focuses on killer soundtracks and a welcoming community.
06 Apr 17

Five Shades for Spring

Our top lipstick picks for spring this year: [clockwise from left Dior Addict Lip Glow, Sephora Lip Stain in Mulberry & Fuschia, Clinique Long Last Soft Matte in Mandarin, Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400, Sephora Coconut Lip Balm] A couple of weeks ago we finally got the chance to swing by the new Sephora right here in Lausanne, located on the ground floor of Manor. It’s little things like this iconic store’s (long awaited) arrival that make us giddy about Lausanne’s rising status as a metropolitan city. What can we say? We’re easy to please. Since becoming mothers, we’ve realized that our daily beauty routine needs to be whittled down to a bare minimum. We were never really lipstick wearers before kids, but now we couldn’t think of an easier way to enhance your look in a matter of seconds…and oh the choices! We asked Sephora’s manager, Anissa,
28 Feb 17

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

When we first walked into Flying Tiger Copenhagen we were greeted with stacks of boxes everywhere; employees rushing around stocking their shelves with salt shakers and skateboards and mini easels with paint. We thought for a second it may have been a mistake: were they indeed open to the public? But it was no mistake–it was as if Lausanne’s eagerness for a store of this kind trumped any opening day etiquette. And we were totally ok with that. Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a store originally from…you guessed it…Denmark, which specializes in little trinkets, deco, gifts, toys, and crafts. Picture all the best parts of IKEA condensed into one amazing little shop, with prices that are competitive to IKEA as well.  We will admit, there are plenty of items in the store for which we would never find any use (an artificial pond with plastic fish and a fishing pole meant to be used
28 Sep 16

Aesop Boutique

Last year we shared the exciting news that Aesop had finally come to Lausanne by way of a corner in the Globus cosmetics department. Now you can follow your nose to their newest address on Rue Saint Laurent. The boutique may be tiny, but we’ll take it! We’ve long been fans of this Australian cosmetic brand for its luxurious products, stunning scents and—let’s be superficial for a moment—gorgeous packaging. We’re currently using the Parsley Seed line and loving the new anti-oxidant moisturizing cream. It’s thick and nourishing – perfect for the cooler weather to come. If you aren’t already familiar with Aesop, stop in the boutique and check it out. They’ll talk to you about your skin, make some product recommendations and send you home with a few samples to try. Or you could just pretend to look at a serum while taking the opportunity to inhale that fabulous
22 Sep 16

On Becoming a Mother in Switzerland

The photos in this post are by the exceedingly talented Hayley of Hayley Hay Photography. To learn more about her services and to see more delicious newborn photos, check out Tanya’s recent post. I never considered myself a maternal person. Deciding to have a baby was an intellectual decision. It’s time, I finally said. Even if the news of our pregnancy, received in an email while commuting home one dark November night, left me dazed with happiness and suppressing an irrepressible smile, the haunting doubts crowded in almost immediately. How on earth would I manage a demanding full-time job, The Lausanne Guide AND a new baby? My American upbringing had taught me that as a woman you were either a baby person or a career person. And for those of us in the latter category who also wanted children, the only course was to have an uncomplaining pregnancy, an
15 Jun 16

Welcome Baby Remy

In some ways, we cannot believe a month has already gone by. But at the same time, our bleary and heavily lidded eyes tell a different story–friends, we have a newborn. Remy was born on the 11th of May right here in Lausanne and we are smitten. When Sarah and I found out we were both pregnant, we had a mild panic attack (what will happen to TLG?!) and then we collected ourselves and realized that growth was a natural part of any passion project, and that we would learn to evolve and adapt and it would be good. We also knew that this was such a momentous part of our lives that we absolutely wanted to document our new additions and share this part of our journey with you. We couldn’t think of a better person to chronicle our growing families than our dear friend, TLG sponsor, and talented photographer Hayley
19 May 16

8 Tips for Flea Market Shopping in Vaud

Today it is our GREAT pleasure to introduce you to talented fellow Lausanne blogger Sofia of When we first started The Lausanne Guide over 4 years ago (!), there weren’t many other people in Lausanne cultivating the blogosphere, so you can image our delight when we first saw Sofia’s gorgeous culinary and déco creations. Since then, we’ve been gaining inspiration in the kitchen and in our homes from her ideas, stunning photos and adorable short videos. She’s got an eye for the potential in the cast off, used items that fill the region’s flea markets, so we asked her to share with us her tips for a successful flea market haul. We hope you enjoy and encourage you to head over to her blog today to see how she’s turned one man’s trash into her personal treasure! Over to you, Sofia… ::::::::::::::::::::: I think lots of us living
17 Mar 16

Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne

A couple of weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend at the newly renovated Hotel Royal Savoy. This hotel has been under construction since we’ve moved to Switzerland (six years ago!), so you can imagine the buzz when they finally opened their doors at the end of last year. The verdict? We left feeling completely enamored with the new hotel–especially by one aspect that seems to be missing from many of the 5-star hotels we’ve had experience with. Let’s face it. We’re pretty spoiled in Lausanne having our choice of some phenomenal hotels in the city (the terrace and spa at The Beau-Rivage, The Habana Bar and LP’s live music at the Palace, the location of Chateau d’Ouchy). And when you walk into such a hotel, you hold a certain expectation; you create a certain set of standards by which you measure the worth of
02 Mar 16


Where do you get your haircut here? We used to get this question all.of.the.time. and honestly it was tough to answer because usually our response was, we don’t. And then we found Pedro, who solved all of our haircutting and coloring woes. Then one day on the bus, we noticed this little door and the simple and well-designed typography (rare for these parts), and it piqued our interest. This place was on the brain for a few weeks when it was time for the husband to get a haircut, and so our Lausanne Guide guinea pig (who normally gets his haircut by yours truly) went and was pleasantly surprised. It’s no surprise that the Wu brothers are friends with Pedro. In fact, before owning their own salon, they actually worked at Théâtre de la Coiffure for quite some time. Their clientele grew, as well as their desire for more flexibility
02 Feb 16

5 Faux Pas in Italy (That We Never Knew!)

Are you guilty of these? Discover the do’s and don’ts that we never knew of until recently.
10 Dec 15


After six years of living in Switzerland, Freitag has become for us one of the most powerful associations with our adopted home. Fondue, cows and chocolate bars, iconic though they may be, only scratch the surface; Freitag takes us deeper to tell a story of pragmatic beauty and industrious design, values that seem to lie at the heart of Swiss ethos… Also, the boutique in Lausanne is pure eye-candy.     When you pay attention, it seems that nearly 1 in 2 people walking around Lausanne is carrying Freitag. For years we admired the brand, but weren’t sure that the style was really our own. Then a grey backpack from the Reference line called our name, and there’s no going back. There’s no doubt that the “look” may not be for everyone. But Freitag bags and clothing are products you buy because you believe in something essential about the way
09 Dec 15


Entering this boutique, it’s hard not to get completely captivated by the tiny objects, the plush toys, the beautifully-made garments, and get lost in the creativity that once consumed you as a child. It’s also hard not to buy all.the.things. (even if you don’t have children). Like most small businesses, Nuage was a concept born out of necessity; Caroline and Diane noticed a need for fashionable children’s clothing and accessories at [read:] an affordable price. We recently paid Caroline a visit (and drooled over her selection) and asked her a few questions about her darling boutique:   1. What inspired you to open a children’s boutique here in Lausanne? Diane and I have 9 children between the two of us aged from 18 months to 13 years. We both love children’s clothes and accessories. We used to see each other and exchange our children’s clothes on a regular basis