22 Apr 20

On grief and grieving: How we’re processing the impact of Coronavirus

At first the idea of grieving our current upheaval seemed extreme. But then we allowed ourselves to give our emotions a name.
25 Mar 20

Swiss Online Shopping in the Age of Coronavirus

A useful list of online resources to help meet your needs here in Lausanne, without requiring you to go into a physical store.
20 Mar 20

Coronavirus Resources in Lausanne

Though we may not be able to reach out and lend you a physical hand, we hope this page will be a source of comfort and help you find what you need.
25 Feb 20


Bright and modern coworking and event space based in Lausanne, who offer day passes, monthly memberships, private offices and meeting room rental.
10 Jan 20


Would you like to finally be able to speak French? Then read on about this online platform that guarantees results.
11 Sep 19

Baby and Children’s Gifts in Lausanne

Find the perfect gift for the babies and kids in your life.
04 Jun 19


A home cleaning service you can schedule with a simple app on your phone, plus they bring their own products!
29 May 19

A Visit to Swiss Vapeur Parc

A miniature train park in Le Bouveret with tiny replicas of iconic villages throughout Switzerland. Fun for the whole family!
05 Mar 19

Happy Booth

The year was 2013. We were so proud to have had a whole year of The Lausanne Guide under our belts, and we wanted to celebrate. We decided to throw a One Year Birthday Party, and asked our friend Bertrand (who was managing Le Comptoir at the time) if he could co-host with us. While planning the event, a thought popped up in our mind about having a makeshift Photo Booth–wouldn’t that be such a fun way to encourage interaction but also have some amazing mementos from those who joined us for that evening? So we spent hours acquiring props, printing and laminating signs, and set up our camera on a tripod in the corner of the room. A very makeshift Photo Booth indeed. While the idea was great, and the photos we have from that evening so precious, we had to keep half an eye on the tripod
29 Oct 18

How We Run

A personal reflection about committing to do something outside of your comfort zone, and the revelations you may encounter along the way.
04 Oct 18

Street Style – Eleni

“Just do what feels comfortable,” we tell her, as we move the camera lens a few inches from her face. “This?” she says, hiding behind a pillow, jesting and laughing in her contagious manner. This is the paradox that is Eleni. You see her on the street and notice her impeccably outrageous style–her mix of patterns, her play with shapes, with different cuts and hems, and of course her gorgeous glow and the perfect ringlets of hair that somehow make her look more sexy than sweet, and you assume she is out of reach…and yet, SHE IS ONE OF US. She’s humble and generous, caring and kind, fiercely loyal and refreshingly transparent…she is the most down-to-earth person you’ll meet. She’s Lausanne’s Eyebrow Queen with a fashion flair this city needs, so we decided (with the help of some of you) that Eleni was a must for our next Street Style. 1.
06 Jul 18

The Best Playgrounds in Lausanne

Parks & Recreations in Lausanne
30 May 18

Street Style – Margaux

Don’t get us wrong, we love Lausanne. But there is one thing we often don’t realize we are missing until we visit Paris or London or New York: being inspired by daily street fashion. We think it’s even more rare to have those moments of inspiration at the office or workplace because work clothes=boring. But then we met Margaux in an office while working on a shared project and instantly had a fangirl moment. She was wearing color! She was mixing patterns! She had bright lipstick and bright shoes! And was in an office. One of the main things we love about Margaux’s style is her nonchalance regarding brands. While she has an eye for fashion (she previously worked with a major fashion label), and appreciates certain designers, she recognizes that fashion isn’t created by just wearing a brand name–it’s really about how you creatively pull a look together. This
18 Apr 18

Lausanne, It’s Time to Eat! Lausanne à Table Events 2018

Just last night, while walking along the Ouchy waterfront, we overheard a man moaning to his friends – “Lausanne is just SO SMALL.” It’s true. Lausanne’s 140,000 residents can drive across our town in a mere 15 minutes. And if you’re looking for a party (or even a baguette for that matter) on a Sunday afternoon, good luck. For it’s size, however, Lausanne packs an incredible punch of activities and a cultural offer that we are constantly stunned to see. Much of the festivity that we enjoy throughout the year is largely thanks to one small, scrappy organization called Lausanne à Table. Lausanne à Table exists to connect us with the local food scene, be that top chefs, artisan bakers, or the farmers whose properties surround the city. To do this, they organize some of the most unexpected and creative events (how does dinner at the top of the
31 Jan 18

MIX studio

Years ago it was tough finding a fitness space that felt catered in Lausanne. You either had to spend beaucoup bucks to belong to some high-end gym with super strict contractual obligations or you had to settle for the more economical but super basic option with no-frills and 3 treadmills with a 30-minute time limit. While both of these options aren’t terrible, what if there was a fitness option that felt luxurious, personalized, fun, and empowering, yet didn’t break the bank? Friends, meet MIX. MIX is a new boutique-style fitness space with various communal courses individualized to meet your needs. At MIX, it’s about much more than breaking a sweat–it’s about showing you how powerful and capable you already are, then pushing you just a bit further to achieve results you never thought possible. Plus there are NO CONTRACTS–just buy what you want or what you need, and top up
09 Jan 18

2018: A Year of (Non)Resolutions

We hope you had an incredibly relaxing, adventurous, and satisfying holiday and are ready to take on 2018. While reflecting on our hopes for this year, we realize that 1) we really hate New Year’s resolutions and 2) we still feel some pressure to make them. And then we stumbled upon this TEDTalks video given a few years ago by a man named Matt Cutts who fell into the same category as us. He talked about years of failed resolutions, of setbacks and discouragement…and then he talked about one day when something actually clicked: don’t think of it as a year, take it in stride with 30 days. Instead of thinking about cutting things out, stopping habits, deleting things–think about it as a positive and sustainable addition to your life for just 30 days. Is there something you’ve been wanting to try but never can get around to doing? Photography? Archery?
23 Nov 17

Viu Eyewear

*SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY* We remember the first time we had to buy glasses here in Switzerland. It was over seven years ago, and we walked into a popular retail chain and picked out one of the cheapest frames we could find. Over five hundred francs later we ended up with glasses we didn’t love (because let’s face it, the ones we loved were twice as expensive), and a bruised bank account.  When we shared our experience with more seasoned locals, they simply shrugged their shoulders and said, “It’s Switzerland, after all.” But then Viu came onto the scene, and everything changed. Viu was founded in 2012 by a group of five people who recognized the monopoly that was the eyeglasses industry in Switzerland. They were frustrated by the limited selection and the fact that the high prices didn’t always indicate quality–so their solution was simple: cut
02 Nov 17

Finding Balance in Winter – Shannon of Pilates et Moi

Well friends, it’s November. And we think it’s finally time to accept that the cold weather is officially here to stay. Instead of giving into our hibernation instincts (wrap ourselves in blankets + eat cheese + sleep early – and repeat), we reached out to our friend and Lausanne Guide sponsor Shannon Flynn, owner of the Pilates et Moi Reformer training studio, for her thoughts on how to stay motivated, fit, and healthy when all we want to do is bunker down and calorie binge. As an Aussie and daughter of healthy-living enthusiasts, Shannon has fitness and wellness in her DNA. In the years that we’ve known her, we’ve often bemoaned the fact that you can’t bottle and buy her perfect posture and boundless energy. At very least, we figured, she would be the perfect person to consult on making a healthy transition into winter. When the three of
11 Oct 17

Un Arbre, Un Enfant

Un arbre, un enfant. On Saturday we planted some literal roots right here in our adopted city, and we made this video to share with you. If you read this site even irregularly, you’re probably aware that 2016 was a big year for us. Because everything is more fun if you do it with friends, we both had baby boys, proudly born right here in Lausanne at the CHUV. Our little lausannois. Welcoming a child into your life is monumental. It may be the most natural and common human experience, but on an individual level it breaks and rebuilds all of your norms and introduces a level of joy and exhaustion we’re still trying to find words to express. This is why when Lausanne invited us, along with all of the other parents who gave birth in Lausanne in 2016, to come and plant an oak tree in honor
16 Aug 17

Mille & Une Fleurs

Last weekend we were scrolling through our Instagram feed when we came across a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a caption that indicated they were from a self-service floral farm just 25 minutes from Lausanne. Then we heard this flower farm also had a bouquet-arranging station, a huge selection of aromatic herbs to be picked, and a cozy greenhouse structure called La Serre where you can enjoy artisanal tea in the middle of the flower field–it took all but two minutes to get the crew ready and jump in the car. La Mille & Une Fleurs, owned by the Staub family, is located near the Jura in Cuarnens. From the arrival of tulips in the spring,  to gorgeous dahlias, sunflowers, and gladioluses, all the way to the autumnal flowers that are hearty enough to survive the first frosts, this flower farm is definitely one to keep on your list when
11 Aug 17

Where to buy Bio products in Lausanne

We all know the benefits of eating organic (or ‘bio’) food–no synthetic pesticides, no GMOs, no antibiotics or hormones…and the list goes on. When you think about all the by-products that could potentially go into our food, it makes sense to be a bit more thoughtful about the items we buy. We luckily live in a country that already has high standards and pretty thorough regulatory procedures, but it’s still nice to have the option to buy all-natural & organic products when we want them (whether it means food, cosmetics, or homeopathic remedies). We decided to make a list of our favorite spots in town to buy bio, and we hope you find it helpful! ARTeBIO – Magasin bio à Lausanne +41 21 311 22 33 Avenue de Riant-Mont 2 1004 Lausanne Opening hours Monday is closed Tuesday – Friday 9h-19h Saturday 9h-17h Products that you can find: Large