04 Jun 19


A home cleaning service you can schedule with a simple app on your phone, plus they bring their own products!

29 May 19

A Visit to Swiss Vapeur Parc

A miniature train park in Le Bouveret with tiny replicas of iconic villages throughout Switzerland. Fun for the whole family!

05 Mar 19

Happy Booth

The year was 2013. We were so proud to have had a whole year of The Lausanne Guide under our belts, and we wanted

29 Oct 18

How We Run

A personal reflection about committing to do something outside of your comfort zone, and the revelations you may encounter along the way.

04 Oct 18

Street Style – Eleni

“Just do what feels comfortable,” we tell her, as we move the camera lens a few inches from her face. “This?” she says, hiding

06 Jul 18

The Best Playgrounds in Lausanne

Parks & Recreations in Lausanne

30 May 18

Street Style – Margaux

Don’t get us wrong, we love Lausanne. But there is one thing we often don’t realize we are missing until we visit Paris or

18 Apr 18

Lausanne, It’s Time to Eat! Lausanne à Table Events 2018

Just last night, while walking along the Ouchy waterfront, we overheard a man moaning to his friends – “Lausanne is just SO SMALL.” It’s

31 Jan 18

MIX studio

Years ago it was tough finding a fitness space that felt catered in Lausanne. You either had to spend beaucoup bucks to belong to some

09 Jan 18

2018: A Year of (Non)Resolutions

We hope you had an incredibly relaxing, adventurous, and satisfying holiday and are ready to take on 2018. While reflecting on our hopes for

23 Nov 17

Viu Eyewear

*SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY* We remember the first time we had to buy glasses here in Switzerland. It was over seven

02 Nov 17

Finding Balance in Winter – Shannon of Pilates et Moi

Well friends, it’s November. And we think it’s finally time to accept that the cold weather is officially here to stay. Instead of giving

11 Oct 17

Un Arbre, Un Enfant

Un arbre, un enfant. On Saturday we planted some literal roots right here in our adopted city, and we made this video to share

16 Aug 17

Mille & Une Fleurs

Last weekend we were scrolling through our Instagram feed when we came across a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a caption that indicated they

11 Aug 17

Where to buy Bio products in Lausanne

We all know the benefits of eating organic (or ‘bio’) food–no synthetic pesticides, no GMOs, no antibiotics or hormones…and the list goes on. When

25 Jul 17

The Great Lausanne Croissant Search

As many of you know, we asked last week on social media where you have found the best croissant in Lausanne. Over 80 people

18 Jul 17

Meet Thibaut

On any given day, a guest could open up the wine list at the prestigious 2 Michelin-Starred restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace

13 Jul 17

Street Style – Kati

Isn’t this contrasted look that Kati put together perfect for a coffee at Folie Voltaire and a stroll in the park? A denim jacket

28 Jun 17

A Weekend at The Lausanne Palace & Spa

We have occupied this little space of the internet for just over five years, and could not believe that this was the first time

Where to shop in Lausanne: La Mise En Bière

**La Mise En Bière has moved (but not too far!)–check out the updated address below** It doesn’t look like much from the street. In

14 Jun 17

Café des Patronnes

Picture this: heading out shopping with your girlfriends and you stumble upon a charming space–chalk-drawn floral motifs cover the walls, and racks of clothing