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07 Feb 17

Welcome Gabriel!

Five years ago when we first embarked on this little adventure we call The Lausanne Guide, we were two women who loved to write and were determined to learn to take beautiful photographs in order to tell the world (er, our five original readers) of the great places we were frequenting in Lausanne. The rub was that we were pitifully inexperienced in web design and continuously bumped up against issues that we couldn’t resolve on our own. Enter Gabriel. Gabriel was a colleague who had become a friend. And we were just shameless enough to exploit his tremendously good nature to edit the code, explain the function of meta tags, implement SEO strategies, and generally to bounce ideas off of someone who actually knew what they were doing. We say everyone needs a digital genius in their lives! That’s why we’re so excited to announce that beginning in 2017,
15 Nov 16

MP’s Après Ski

We had the pleasure of joining in on a preview lunch as the Fairmont Le Montreux-Palace welcomes guest chef Reto Mathis from St. Moritz all this week. There was black truffle pizza, there was a polenta truffle cappuccino, there were beef filets and St. Jacques scallops, and chestnut mousse with poached fig and latte di fiora ice cream. Needless to say, we were in culinary heaven.   The great news is, you can still reserve a spot to sample Chef Mathis’ menu this week. Both lunch and dinner offerings are available, but space is limited! The other wonderful part is, once Chef Mathis leaves, the party isn’t over–the Fairmont Le Montreux-Palace has opened up a new afterwork/apéro bar for the holiday season called l’Après Ski and They’ve transformed MP’s terrace and have brought the Alpine experience to the Riviera; heavy furs line the seats while rough cut wooden
02 Nov 16

Eat Me’s New Fall Menu

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining Serena, owner and creator of Eat Me, and her husband Mark on a journey to discover their new autumn menu. We aren’t strangers to Eat Me, but for those who are, it’s is a one-of-a-kind concept where you can travel the world with your palette and make new culinary discoveries through their highly curated menu. Travel with our tastebuds? Yes, please. Not only is Eat Me known for their exquisite and unique dishes, but their highly trained bartenders make some of the most deliciously daring cocktails in Lausanne. We couldn’t believe that one of our favorite cocktails was made with a spicy infusion of rosemary and chorizo (and even had a slice of dehydrated chorizo inside), and were pleasantly surprised when another came out garnished with caramel popcorn. Every dish, every cocktail, every detail has a flash of whimsical
29 Jun 16

SK | Creative Catering & Concepts

Emma & Toni have been friends of The Lausanne Guide for quite some time. We first met them when the street food scene made its debut in Lausanne and their food tent camped out on Riponne square a few days a week. Their menu caught our eye for several reasons–one being the provocative innovative names for some of their dishes (did someone say “Skinny Bitch”?)–but mostly because their plates were some of the most creative combinations of flavors we had ever seen or tasted. Fast forward several years, and SK (Street Kitchen) has grown into a Lausanne favorite; their mouth-watering recipes have earned them the spot at La Grenette, where they serve a different lunch & dinner during the week, and brunch on the weekends. If you’ve ever met Emma or Toni, you’ll know why their food tastes as good as it does. They’re laid back, but quickly become perfectionists
26 May 16

How to Design Your Terrace for Summer

Our friend Jackie has what you could call a knack for entertaining. No gathering, small or large, formal or informal, can stress her. Seated dinner for 30? Baby shower for 12? Cocktail party for 150? We’ve attended all of the above at Jackie’s home. We love to watch her in action and even more to be recipients of her unparalleled hospitality. But Jackie knows, as much as any host or hostess, that space is everything. Having a comfortable setting for hosting friends allows you to jet off to the kitchen for last minute preparations or to grab another bottle of wine before anyone even realizes that their glass is empty. That’s why last summer, she hired friend and architectural/interior designer Charles Fletcher to come and make over her terrace. He did a fabulous job! And we would know because nearly all of our free summer evenings were spent up
12 Apr 16

Rainy Days In Lausanne edition 2

We know too well that spring is a mixed bag–just earlier this week we were sitting outside at La Grenette in short-sleeved dresses, soaking in the sun. And now, the rain clouds have rolled in and according to the weather app on our phones, it looks like they are here to stay for quite some time. So we decided to round up some of our favorite activities for the days you can’t just sit on a terrace and revel in the glorious surroundings of Lausanne. Go on coffee/beer/wine dates. Here are some of our favorite cafés in the city that give off that cozy and welcoming vibe perfect for a rainy day: Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club | We’re regulars here for a reason. The coffee is on-point, breakfast is served all day, and the staff are some of the friendliest in town. Blackbird Downtown Diner | Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch,
22 Mar 16

Street Style: Nihan

  The weather is starting to warm up, but still holds that bitter bite when in the shadows of the city. So how do we dress for this indecisive weather? Winter coats are out, but coatless? No thanks. This is why we love the shawl/poncho/oversized scarf. We spotted Nihan pulling off this look and absolutely loved the earth tones and the subtle collar of her jacket under the poncho. On Nihan Pants – Vince Jacket – Vakko Poncho – Beymen Shop the Style Here are some of our picks for ponchos this season: 1. Aztec Poncho | $59.95 2. Pieces Cape | 24 CHF 3. Pepe Jeans Cape | 55 CHF 4. Personalized Monogram Poncho | $133  
16 Mar 16

UNICAS – Handmade Argentine Empanadas

Ok yes. We may or may not be obsessed with empanadas (see our recent review of Chilean empanadas), and we are well aware that there is a sort of ‘rivalry’ between Argentinian empanadas and Chilean ones. Our intention is not to stoke the fire and create an empanada war; the two can co-exist peacefully in our stomachs, trust us. We were recently contacted by Maria Eugenia from, who runs an online Argentinean empanada shop which delivers handmade, frozen, vacuum sealed bundles of various empanadas right to your door.  Now if you know anything about us, we love convenience, we love trying new food, and we love empanadas–win-win-win. The other thing you may know is we have our very own Argentinean empanada expert on our TLG team–Gabriel–so we felt fairly confident that we could assess the originality and quality with an experienced palate on our side. The great thing about the
19 Feb 16

Bon Weekend

Photo by Oscar Keys It’s the weekend! Wow, this week felt extra long for some reason and we’re ready to relax and unwind for a bit. What are you up to this weekend? Did you check out the weather forecast for this Sunday? We will definitely be taking advantage of the mini preview of spring! Have a great one, and here are some fun links from around the web: Loving these outfit ideas. Maybe it’s the lingering romance from Valentine’s Day, but this little number is dreamy. On designing the perfect flower bouquet. One downside of being ‘The World’s Slimmest TV’…ha! Can someone make these for us? Thanks. Some truth. As if we needed more reasons to love Adele. Do your feet get cold in your wellies? Lookno further. Winners of the 2016 World Press Photo Contest. Wow. Twin sisters both give birth to daughters within minutes of each other.
17 Feb 16

Street Style: Krystel

If you see us out on a Saturday morning with our cameras, chasing down random people in the market, don’t be alarmed. We aren’t trying to get you to vote for a certain political party, or sell you something, or make you feel awkward (though the latter could potentially happen…sorry!)–we are simply noticing something about your style that we love–and we want to document it! We noticed Krystel’s ability to carry off an urban-mama look with ease–her cropped jeans and vintage sneakers (which is a huge trend we just simply love) were practical and on point. We also loved her simple grey coat with a splash of color around her neck, all paired with a mirrored lens pair of sunglasses. And can we talk about her backpack? She made it! Krystel has an Etsy store where she makes other accessories right here in Lausanne.   Coat – Zalando (similar
04 Feb 16

Five Things That Made Us Happy This Week

1. These rain wellies from Navyboot which are so comfortable (and 50% off right now!). 2. These ranunculus (ranunculi?) flowers from our local Migros. 3. This pesto ‘fait maison’ from Manor (it was pretty dang authentic). 4. The stellar sunsets from our balcony (even if there is a crane in the way). 5. These beautiful little rose-shaped pinecones we found during our walk one day. Does anyone know what these are?
20 Jan 16

Cinq Mōndes Spa | The Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel

We aren’t sure about your holidays, but we were teetering between relaxation and complete burn-out status during the entire month of December. Do you ever feel like that? Like you need a vacation from your vacation? And now we find ourselves settling into the new year, regaining our balance, our schedules, our routines, but still feeling like our tanks aren’t quite filled to the top. So when we had the opportunity to have a mini spa retreat right here in our beloved city, we jumped on the chance.   You already know our love for the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel (or as we like to call it, “The Beau” 😉 ). Their unique status as a lakefront hotel (with a pool), their amazing terrace, their engaging events at The Bar, their premiere selection of dining (including Anne-Sophie Pic’s much admired and world-renown restaurant), are just a few of the perks
10 Dec 15

Five Ways to Spoil Your Guests this Holiday Season

We know you’ll be invited to your fair share of holiday parties this season, but what if you’re hosting? We’ve rounded up a few ways to “wow” your guests–all simple, all low-maintenance, and all guaranteed to make your guests feel extra special & happy: 1. Magnum of bubbly [water] found at Manor for a limited time (photo via) It’s fun & festive and available only for a limited time. No one will expect such classy water.   2. A deceptively easy cheese plate (courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats) Everyone loves cheese–and now you can offer your guests a little something extra instead of just a block/wheel of cheese.   3. Simple personalized name cards (thanks to TheKtchn) How cute & easy are these name cards? A thoughtful (and well-organized) gesture like this can go a long way (and avoid any confusion or awkwardness at the table).   4. Rustic Saturday
08 Dec 15

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

We all have at least one man in our lives–whether it’s a boyfriend, father, husband, brother, friend, or colleague, we know that sometimes men can be tough to shop for (especially if they have very particular tastes!). We’ve rounded up some ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of them all: 1. Aēsop Double-Edge Razor | Because he needs that clean shave and deserves to do it in style 2. Aēsop Shaving Brush | To go with his new razor 3. Gentlemen’s Hardware Flask | So he can take his Bourbon to-go during those cold winter walks 4. Leather Passport Case | To keep his travels dapper 5. Rains Backpack | Sleek & functional (and doesn’t break the bank) 6. Pepe Gradient Sweatshirt | A different take on the classic sweatshirt; comfy yet chic 7. Komono Watch | A classic look that can easily be worn in the office or out in town
08 Dec 15

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Littles

As much as we love baby/kids clothes, parents don’t really need another dress/jacket/cardigan/onesie for their little one. Here are some fun ideas that branch out of the clothing department! 1. Easy Peasy Purse | Because duh, look how cute this is 2. Dish Set | Cute & functional & more difficult to break 3. Colorful Apron | The littlest sous-chef deserves his or her own apron too 4. DIY Paper Puppet | Cute & whimsical & something you can make together 5. Mini UrbanEars | Just because they want to watch Frozen for the 18th time doesn’t mean their  parents need to [hear it] 6. Build Your Own Tugboat | Get their creative juices flowing, and get a fun result at the end! 7. Toy Storage Sack | Staying organized doesn’t have to be boring 8. Cow bath towel | For the little ones who need coaxing to get out of the bath 9.
08 Dec 15

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Whether the her in your life is your mother, friend, wife, girlfriend, or close friend, she will surely appreciate one of these little gifts–no ifs about it!  1. Stan Smith Adidas High Tops | Because being stylish doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort (and these are oh so comfy) 2. Marble Pot by SVDP | It’s beautiful, and she can put whatever she wants in it 3. COS Silk Bra | Something she’ll want to wear everyday 4. All The Light We Cannot See | A book she’ll devour & savor simultaneously 5. Metallic Clutch | Just enough space for her lipstick and cash (though you will be paying, right?) 6. Aēsop Flight Therapy | Reduces stress, encourages relaxation, and smells divine 7. Minimalist Earrings | Simple & elegant & perfect for anyone. 8. Ceramic Ringholders | Because it’s nerve-wracking to see her rings on the sink so close to the drain 9. Fleece-lined Knit Scarf | Since
25 Nov 15

The Best Thanksgiving Soirée

The sun began to set on Grandvaux; the sky on fire with streaks of pinks and orange, and we sat on a bench overlooking the glassy lake and exhaled. Guests would be arriving in minutes to share a meal in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we couldn’t help but feel a pang in our chest–only this time it wasn’t the usual pangs of homesickness, it was a moment of frenzied elation and anticipation for what would turn out to be the best Thanksgiving we’ve ever had. Guests meandered into the stunning courtyard of the Maison Buttins-de-Loïes (a stunning 18th century cave in the heart of Grandvaux) alit with lanterns and strings of white lights, and were welcomed with a special aperitif made by the one and only Rodolphe, an experienced mixologist, drinks blogger, and famous Swiss riviera barfly with 20 years under his belt. He concocted festive cocktails
17 Nov 15


Over the last few weeks you’ve heard us talk a lot about the holiday Thanksgiving. Considering only a small percentage of our readers come from North America, it may seem a bit like cultural overkill to many of you, so please bear with us. You see, Thanksgiving is a piece of American cultural memorabilia that we wish could be more easily exported; it’s a holiday that brings the best of Christmas (family and food) without the harrowing trips to the mall and the pressure to express love through money. It’s quite simply a traditional meal, shared most often with the closest family members (+ a little American football and an awesome parade). And underlying the low-key festivities is a notion of thankfulness that we believe is as beautiful as it is universal. Thanksgiving is a reminder that gratitude is a choice to reorient our hearts, to focus not on
12 Nov 15

Street Style: Two Young Gentlemen

We saw these two strolling up to Place de la Palud, pretzels in hand, and really just couldn’t resist stopping them. They seemed so young, but so confident in their style. When asking the blonde in the blazer if he always dressed this sharply he grinned sheepishly and said, “I like to take care of my appearance, yes.” Bravo boys! P.S. Do you know these guys? We totally forgot to ask their names! Shop the Story     Trench: A classic. Black trainers: These. Blazer: We love this one. Pocket square: These guys know how to make them. Dress Shoes: These are nice.
10 Nov 15

Culture Cafe’s New Menu (& New Chef)

Anyone who knows us well, knows that there are a handful of Lausanne locations where you can find us regularly. And if it happens to be lunchtime, those locations can be narrowed down to a select few–or maybe even just one place that has held our hearts palettes since we tried their famous meatballs. So when Culture Café announced they were unveiling a new menu, created by a new chef, with new ingredients, and new methods of preparation–we first made sure the meatballs weren’t going anywhere, and then we anxiously went to try it out. Salade bento terre   You guys. How can a little café with a teensy kitchen, situated in a bookstore create some of the most mouth-watering, beautifully composed, flavorful (and healthy) dishes? Though much of Culture Café’s success can be attributed to founder Cyril’s culinary background and passion for creative cooking (we recently discovered he’s the
04 Nov 15

The Lausanne Guide Thanksgiving Soirée

The beginning of November in the United States means that the very best of all holidays is just around the corner – Thanksgiving! But for those of us living away from home, it’s often a time when we feel the most homesick and are craving time with loved ones and of course, the delicious feast.  We’ve decided this year, we would create our own special gathering and pull out all the stops. Not only will we have traditional dishes prepared by our dear friend and talented chef,  Emma Litkie of Street Kitchen, but we are also fortunate to have the help of Globus who are providing some of the finest of ingredients, and Aēsop, who have prepared little gifts of gratitude for each of our diners. The only thing that we are missing is you! Whether you’re American or Canadian and wondering how to celebrate the holiday so far

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