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10 Restaurants to Celebrate Special Occasions in Lausanne

Wedding anniversary? Golden birthday? Graduating from school? If you’re looking for that perfect spot to celebrate a special moment, check out these places in Lausanne that are sure to please for any occasion.

Mosto : a Wine Shop Where Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

You’ve certainly heard of organic wines; and you’ve maybe heard of bio-dynamic wines; but if what you want is a bottle that goes a step further and sparks a conversation, we’ve got a boutique for you…


Where sophistication and provocation sit comfortably side-by-side, enter the universe of JAJA. A bar and nightclub that invites you to drink, dance, and engage in the magic that’s reserved for a true ‘night out’.

Deliciously Dry: The NOLO Trend Arrives in Switzerland

It started when local craft beer company Dr Gab’s announced their first alcohol-free beer – Placebo – and now, we’re seeing non-alcoholic beverages pop up elsewhere…

7 Lakeside Bars You Need to Visit this Summer

Kick back, relax, and take in view of the lake while sipping on something cold. Here are 7 buvettes you need to add to your circuit this summer.

Lausanne’s Award-winning Wines Have a New Name and New Online Store

Behind the new name, we find not only excellent wines but also the passion, love, and generosity of the men and women who have contributed to the continuity of the label since 1536.

10 Smashable Local Beers to Try this Summer

As the weather and restrictions on drinking and dining lighten up, so does our taste in beer. Here are 10 local beers to add to your fridge for the summer.

07 Sep 20

Les Jardins Du Vieux-Lausanne et Bar Giraf

An oasis in the heart of the city, Les Jardins is a seasonal local favorite that’s just too good not to share.

Domaine du Daley

Sip on wine and admire the vineyards it comes from–you can’t beat these views and the gorgeous grounds of this domaine.

Where to shop in Lausanne: La Mise En Bière

**La Mise En Bière has moved (but not too far!)–check out the updated address below** It doesn’t look like much from the street. In fact, you can pass the shop without really knowing it’s there (and it took me quite some time to find it, even with my I-phone navigating me). Above the doorway hangs a sign that reads, ‘Tailleur’—something that has no doubt misled several passersby. But if you do discover this shop, you will immediately succumb to its charm…and the hundreds of bottles of beer you desperately want to try. Claude is a man who knows what he loves. He always loved beer, but pragmatism steered him toward a 9-5 job in an office with cubicles and a boss. Sound familiar? It wasn’t until last year that he decided to ditch the corporate scene and join forces with his friend Daniel, the founder of La Mise En

Sky Lounge | Hotel Royal Savoy

THE SKY LOUNGE IS OPEN!! THE SKY LOUNGE IS OPEN!! THE SKY LOUNGE IS OPEN!! Forgive us while we take a moment to collect ourselves… …breathe… …breathe… Ever since we first heard from friends at the Royal Savoy that they wanted to turn the roof top of one of Lausanne’s most venerable old hotels into a modern, sleek bar in the sky, we’ve been anticipating  this day. It’s not that rooftop bars are a new concept—they’re in cities across the globe. But we challenge any other city on the planet to compete with our view. Lausanne was MADE for rooftop bars. And now we finally have one deserving of the gorgeous landscape. As we sipped our tropical cocktails and nibbled on our fresh, inventive dishes, we tried to apply a critical eye. Surely there was something that could be improved, something that they didn’t get right. But we’ve got


A few nights ago we had a last-minute date night thanks to a friend who insisted on babysitting for us (thanks Nix!) and we had to scramble thinking about where we wanted to go. The requirements? We wanted to try something new, we didn’t want it to be too fussy, and we wanted something fresh (oh, and there had to be meat on the menu…that one is a non-negotiable for the husband). We had actually tried to book SUD two times before and it had been complet, but third time is a charm, right? SUD, located just across from the Opera, boasts seasonal and fresh dishes influenced by the Mediterranean. The head chef, Sébastien Trinquier,  is young but passionate–with roots in Montpelier, he desires to bring a bit of the South here to Lausanne. The decor and ambiance is spot on–though we could have done with a bit lower-lighting since it was dinner time.

Jetée de la Compagnie

A fresh and beautiful reminder that creativity lurks in the most unlikely of places.

Ta Cave

Ta Cave has the big ambition of humanizing consumption and bring meaning back to the ritual of apéro.

Meet The Makers: Docteur Gab’s

What happens when you give four teenage boys a home beer brewing kit? They transform the local beer market.

03 Oct 14

Meet the Makers: La Nebuleuse

When you enter their brewery there’s a sense that you are right in the epicenter of a creative space.