20 May 22

Luna Park in Lausanne 2022

Luna Park is making its annual return to Lausanne! Here’s everything you need to know about this local summertime theme park.
17 May 22

Finding a Sports Club in Lausanne: A whole new ball game

Have you been feeling the itch to get up and move, to connect with a community and to start that health-kick you promised yourself back in January? Read on to hear more about why you should consider joining a sports club in Lausanne and where to find the one that’s right for you.

Spin City: 2022 is the year of the bike in Lausanne

The City of Lausanne has deemed 2022 as the year of the bike. Check out these activities to keep you spinning in and around Lausanne.

Real beauty. Real brows.

A coworking community to inspire you.

Let the BEAT move you.

Improve your French online.

29 Apr 22

3 Innovative Fitness Solutions in Lausanne 2022

Working out isn’t just about dumbbells anymore. Check out these innovative technologies that are making us approach fitness with a fresh perspective.
22 Apr 22

Waste Not, Want Not: Local sustainable living with a global impact

Everyone can try to live more sustainably, even if it’s just changing the way we shop. Check out our round-up of Swiss sustainable brands making us think twice about what we can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Favorite Running Paths in & around Lausanne

Whether you’re training for a race or just like to stay active, we’ve rounded up our favorite running paths to hit the pavement (or trails) and enjoy the sights too.


Professional floristry training & flower arranging courses from beginners to masters.

What to do in Zurich

It’s often in the top 10 in terms of most expensive cities, but there’s a lot of heart and soul in this metropolitan city only 2.5 hours from Lausanne.
17 Mar 22

The Enduring Success of One of Lausanne’s First Health Clubs

A premium fitness club in the heart of Lausanne that removes any and all excuses for working out. Learn why Holmes Place is THE place to be.
10 Mar 22

What Lausanne-based NGO Medair Is Doing to Support Ukrainian Refugees – and How You Can Help

Our TLG Contributor Nicola Reinle works for Medair which deployed its team of humanitarian workers mere days after the violence in Ukraine began. We talk to her about what the team is seeing and how we can help them help others.
09 Mar 22

Just for Laughs: The English Comedy Scene in Lausanne

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to laugh (who could blame you), why not take in some local stand-up comedy in English.

Best Spring Walks in & around Lausanne 2022

Looking to get outside and admire the early blooms this spring? Why not try one of these gorgeous walks in the area–complete with plenty of fresh air and gorgeous floral blooms.

7 Unique Cocktail Bars to Suit Every Occasion

Free from restrictions and ready to party? Here are 7 unique cocktail bars to help you kick off the “20s” in style.
18 Feb 22

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues in Lausanne

Learn to knit (while drinking), throw an axe, learn some new skills in the kitchen, or go for a dip lakeside. Winters can be long, but they can also be fun.
17 Feb 22

Lausanne’s Upcycling Queen: Diana Rikasari

Because life is too short to wear boring clothes, and because fast fashion is a lead offender in today’s environmental crisis–Diana has found a way to reconcile the two.
11 Feb 22

The Best Second-Hand Shops in Lausanne

It can take a keen eye to distinguish the good from the bad – that’s why we’ve rounded up some of Lausanne’s best second-hand shops, so you can get bargain-hunting in no time.