30 Apr 21

Boutique no28

Fall in love with slow shopping at Boutique no28 and find a piece of jewelry or an accessory that you’ll enjoy for years.

20 Mar 21

Viva Frida

For the strong, feminine, fashion-forward woman who cares for details.

04 Oct 18

Street Style – Eleni

“Just do what feels comfortable,” we tell her, as we move the camera lens a few inches from her face. “This?” she says, hiding behind a pillow, jesting and laughing in her contagious manner. This is the paradox that is Eleni. You see her on the street and notice her impeccably outrageous style–her mix of patterns, her play with shapes, with different cuts and hems, and of course her gorgeous glow and the perfect ringlets of hair that somehow make her look more sexy than sweet, and you assume she is out of reach…and yet, SHE IS ONE OF US. She’s humble and generous, caring and kind, fiercely loyal and refreshingly transparent…she is the most down-to-earth person you’ll meet. She’s Lausanne’s Eyebrow Queen with a fashion flair this city needs, so we decided (with the help of some of you) that Eleni was a must for our next Street Style. 1.

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30 May 18

Street Style – Margaux

Don’t get us wrong, we love Lausanne. But there is one thing we often don’t realize we are missing until we visit Paris or London or New York: being inspired by daily street fashion. We think it’s even more rare to have those moments of inspiration at the office or workplace because work clothes=boring. But then we met Margaux in an office while working on a shared project and instantly had a fangirl moment. She was wearing color! She was mixing patterns! She had bright lipstick and bright shoes! And was in an office. One of the main things we love about Margaux’s style is her nonchalance regarding brands. While she has an eye for fashion (she previously worked with a major fashion label), and appreciates certain designers, she recognizes that fashion isn’t created by just wearing a brand name–it’s really about how you creatively pull a look together. This

06 Dec 17


There’s often a great divide when it comes to the subject of fur. There are those who love it for it’s luxurious feel and added warmth, while others are opposed to it because of the obvious ethical reasons. While we absolutely love the look and feel of real fur, we have always been part of the latter group–until we heard about Tallis. Tallis is a Swiss based luxury fur brand with a contemporary look and feel. While many other fur shops and brands seem stuffy and outdated, Tallis maintains the fine balance between current and classic. But the most important aspect of Tallis for us, is that ethical sourcing is at the core of all they do. So what is ethically sourced fur? Is that even a thing? Tallis works alongside the food industry to use animal furs that would otherwise be destroyed. You know that tasty rabbit you

13 Jul 17

Street Style – Kati

Isn’t this contrasted look that Kati put together perfect for a coffee at Folie Voltaire and a stroll in the park? A denim jacket is great in Lausanne when the weather can go from scorching and sunny to chilly and stormy in a matter of minutes. These bell sleeves are all the rage this season, and this casual cotton version would be easy to pair with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.We think she is such a natural beauty! On Kati Earrings: NinaBee Zurich  Moustache ring: Soda Boutik Lausanne  Open red ring: Viva Frida Lausanne  Black Bag: Nat & Nin bought from Kétala Boutique Lausanne  Black sandals: Eureka bought in Lisbon  Green trousers: bought in Le Mouton Lausanne  White top: Zara Lausanne  Denim jacket: H&M Lausanne 


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22 Mar 16

Street Style: Nihan

  The weather is starting to warm up, but still holds that bitter bite when in the shadows of the city. So how do we dress for this indecisive weather? Winter coats are out, but coatless? No thanks. This is why we love the shawl/poncho/oversized scarf. We spotted Nihan pulling off this look and absolutely loved the earth tones and the subtle collar of her jacket under the poncho. On Nihan Pants – Vince Jacket – Vakko Poncho – Beymen Shop the Style Here are some of our picks for ponchos this season: 1. Aztec Poncho | $59.95 2. Pieces Cape | 24 CHF 3. Pepe Jeans Cape | 55 CHF 4. Personalized Monogram Poncho | $133  

02 Mar 16


Where do you get your haircut here? We used to get this question all.of.the.time. and honestly it was tough to answer because usually our response was, we don’t. And then we found Pedro, who solved all of our haircutting and coloring woes. Then one day on the bus, we noticed this little door and the simple and well-designed typography (rare for these parts), and it piqued our interest. This place was on the brain for a few weeks when it was time for the husband to get a haircut, and so our Lausanne Guide guinea pig (who normally gets his haircut by yours truly) went and was pleasantly surprised. It’s no surprise that the Wu brothers are friends with Pedro. In fact, before owning their own salon, they actually worked at Théâtre de la Coiffure for quite some time. Their clientele grew, as well as their desire for more flexibility

17 Feb 16

Street Style: Krystel

If you see us out on a Saturday morning with our cameras, chasing down random people in the market, don’t be alarmed. We aren’t trying to get you to vote for a certain political party, or sell you something, or make you feel awkward (though the latter could potentially happen…sorry!)–we are simply noticing something about your style that we love–and we want to document it! We noticed Krystel’s ability to carry off an urban-mama look with ease–her cropped jeans and vintage sneakers (which is a huge trend we just simply love) were practical and on point. We also loved her simple grey coat with a splash of color around her neck, all paired with a mirrored lens pair of sunglasses. And can we talk about her backpack? She made it! Krystel has an Etsy store where she makes other accessories right here in Lausanne.   Coat – Zalando (similar

10 Dec 15


After six years of living in Switzerland, Freitag has become for us one of the most powerful associations with our adopted home. Fondue, cows and chocolate bars, iconic though they may be, only scratch the surface; Freitag takes us deeper to tell a story of pragmatic beauty and industrious design, values that seem to lie at the heart of Swiss ethos… Also, the boutique in Lausanne is pure eye-candy.     When you pay attention, it seems that nearly 1 in 2 people walking around Lausanne is carrying Freitag. For years we admired the brand, but weren’t sure that the style was really our own. Then a grey backpack from the Reference line called our name, and there’s no going back. There’s no doubt that the “look” may not be for everyone. But Freitag bags and clothing are products you buy because you believe in something essential about the way

09 Dec 15


Entering this boutique, it’s hard not to get completely captivated by the tiny objects, the plush toys, the beautifully-made garments, and get lost in the creativity that once consumed you as a child. It’s also hard not to buy all.the.things. (even if you don’t have children). Like most small businesses, Nuage was a concept born out of necessity; Caroline and Diane noticed a need for fashionable children’s clothing and accessories at [read:] an affordable price. We recently paid Caroline a visit (and drooled over her selection) and asked her a few questions about her darling boutique:   1. What inspired you to open a children’s boutique here in Lausanne? Diane and I have 9 children between the two of us aged from 18 months to 13 years. We both love children’s clothes and accessories. We used to see each other and exchange our children’s clothes on a regular basis

08 Dec 15

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

We all have at least one man in our lives–whether it’s a boyfriend, father, husband, brother, friend, or colleague, we know that sometimes men can be tough to shop for (especially if they have very particular tastes!). We’ve rounded up some ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of them all: 1. Aēsop Double-Edge Razor | Because he needs that clean shave and deserves to do it in style 2. Aēsop Shaving Brush | To go with his new razor 3. Gentlemen’s Hardware Flask | So he can take his Bourbon to-go during those cold winter walks 4. Leather Passport Case | To keep his travels dapper 5. Rains Backpack | Sleek & functional (and doesn’t break the bank) 6. Pepe Gradient Sweatshirt | A different take on the classic sweatshirt; comfy yet chic 7. Komono Watch | A classic look that can easily be worn in the office or out in town

12 Nov 15

Street Style: Two Young Gentlemen

We saw these two strolling up to Place de la Palud, pretzels in hand, and really just couldn’t resist stopping them. They seemed so young, but so confident in their style. When asking the blonde in the blazer if he always dressed this sharply he grinned sheepishly and said, “I like to take care of my appearance, yes.” Bravo boys! P.S. Do you know these guys? We totally forgot to ask their names! Shop the Story     Trench: A classic. Black trainers: These. Blazer: We love this one. Pocket square: These guys know how to make them. Dress Shoes: These are nice.

05 Nov 15

The Capsule Closet

When our friend Steph told us that she was downsizing her wardrobe to become a “capsule closet” we must admit that there may have been a few eye rolls. It seemed slightly drastic to get rid of almost your entire wardrobe in exchange for such a limited [and dare we say boring?] closet. But then Steph did it. And we noticed how put-together and at ease she was at every.single.function. Fast forward a few months, and now we’re all converted believers in the capsule closet. Here are a few photos of Steph’s current capsule, and some guidelines if you want to start one too: What is the capsule closet? It isn’t a new idea by any means. In fact my mother-in-law has had a capsule closet for over 30 years, only she calls her items “units” instead of “staples”,  huge fashion houses such as Donna Karen have been using

03 Nov 15

Street Style – Léonard

We spotted Léonard at the market a couple of weeks ago and loved his attention to details – the scarf and sunglasses make the look, don’t they?! After awkwardly asking him if we could take his picture (he thought we were asking because we thought he was dressed badly – obviously, our French still needs perfecting), we noticed two other handsome fellas standing off to the side–his dad and son! We had to grab a shot of the three generations together. It seems good style runs in the family. Léonard told us that his entire outfit came from local boutique Via Zingara on Rue Grand Chêne, but you can find similar pieces below: Shop the Story   Denim Shirt: This one is a classic. Chinos: The price is right for these. Scarf: Embrace the patterns. Shoes: Theseones.