Bread Store

June 2, 2021

Bread. It is something so simple, yet able to cause quite the controversy depending on where you come from. Made from only four ingredients, flour, water, salt, and yeast, it is often seen as the central source of sustenance throughout history. It’s said that the earliest bread was made in or around 8000 BC and since then, in the centuries that followed, different countries have created and perfected their own versions of bread.

But out of all of those cultures, we have never seen a more passionate group than the French-speaking population. To further complicate the matter, depending on which side of the French-Swiss border you’re on tends to inform opinions of which croissant or baguette is better.  But perhaps the one sentiment that unifies the French and Swiss is that bread is more than a ‘thing’ to consume; it’s a cultural symbol, a daily routine, an emotional connection to tradition. And this is exactly what Laurent Buri from Switzerland and Thomas Marie (named “Meilleur Ouvrier de France en boulangerie 2007) from France understood—which is why they shook hands and joined forces to offer the best of both worlds (or countries in this case) and provide us with an exceptional boulangerie called Bread Store.

Opened in 2018 in Vevey and Lausanne, Bread Store’s simple and direct name shouldn’t be mistaken for the complexity and time required to produce their glorious gluten. The bakers use live yeast and natural 24-48 hour fermentation for all of their breads, which naturally breaks down elements in the bread making it more nutritious, easier to digest, and more flavorful. The natural fermentation in addition to the raw flour from regional mills, toasted grains, and use of 100% Swiss butter creates products that aren’t just delicious—they are beautiful. 

Walking into Bread store is our equivalent to a child walking into a candy shop: the shelves are lined with gorgeously crafted and crusty baguettes, elegantly marbled loaves, and delicate brioche feuillettée alongside perfectly symmetrical and buttery croissants. They are displayed exactly as they should be: like works of art. 

We have to say that the presence of Bread Store is an encouraging sign; with the rise of generic bakery chains producing industrialized loaves, it’s nice to know that there is a re-emergence of the artisan bakery—one that transcends cultural quibbles and puts its sole focus on the craft of making damn delicious bread. 

Lausanne Sous-Gare:

Avenue d’Ouchy 15, 1006 Lausanne

Lausanne Eterpays:

Chemin des Eterpeys 2, 1010 Lausanne

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