Brasserie de Paudex

November 9, 2021

There’s something to be said about the brasserie. In Paris, they are nestled on every corner -- boasting the traditional charm, the simple menu, the relaxed atmosphere that exists effortlessly within the glamorous wooden and brass accents. It’s not easy to replicate this experience that Parisians do so naturally, but just outside of Lausanne in our neighboring village of Paudex, there is a brasserie that has ticked all the boxes.

Opened earlier this year by the D Hotel Group (a Lausanne-based hospitality group who are also responsible for bringing us the White Pods), Brasserie de Paudex has undergone a major change since its previous namesake. Formerly known as the spot that boasted ‘ ce soir raclette’ (if you know, you know), the local neighborhood brasserie has more than just upgraded the façade. Behind the transformation are chef Brewenn Pedron, director Dimitri Dupuy, and executive chef Jean-Baptiste Munduteguy. The trio is responsible for bringing a bit more of this Parisian brasserie experience to the area while focusing on regionality, seasonality, and creativity on their menu.

With the seasonal aspect in mind, we booked our table knowing that it was the big opening of their “l’Écailler” (or the season of seafood) with an outdoor ice bar that boasted oysters, crab, lobster, and sea snails to name a few. And as if we weren’t already enticed by the oysters and crab, we were honored to have met the World Champion fishmongerSonia Bichet, who will spend some time at the brasserie this winter preparing your decadent towers.

The restaurant itself was bustling – young families were gathering for Sunday brunch, a group of friends nearby gleefully raised their mimosas, and what looked like a first date stopped mid-conversation to admire the bone marrow and malakoffs passing by. It was chaotic in the best of ways – the kind of energy we all took for granted pre-covid.

The service was impeccably warm; our waiter was attentive and joked with the kids, we felt taken care of but not hassled (a difficult balance to find in hospitality). A highlight? The child’s menu was simple but elevated: pan-seared fish, breaded chicken, or meatballs and tagliatelle with (insanely delicious) frites and seasonal vegetables. But the best part was that the price of the menu enfant depended on the age of your child – so our children ate incredible meals for 5CHF and 8CHF. Now that’s something you don’t see in Switzerland.

When speaking with Dimitri and Jean-Baptiste, they alluded to their hopes of being a place where both regulars and newcomers will be delighted. The consistent innovation of their menu, their open doors 7 days a week, and their focus on hospitality puts this brasserie on our regular radar. 

TLG Tip: Try their Alata Spritz made with Jaya Prosecco. Made with Alata Aperitivo (which is the aperitivo of the Swiss Alps – made of 20 different plants) instead of Aperol, it has a more herbaceous taste and more aromatic complexity.

Monday – Sunday: 10h-22h30

Brunch on Sundays 11h-16h

021 796 20 00


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