Bottle Lausanne: Café des Philosophes

June 1, 2021

Walking up to the old Café des Philosophes it’s a sight to behold. Young kids run around Place Pépinet chasing pigeons while parents sip on a carefully crafted Negroni.

Students are chattering away, one playfully smacks the shoulder of another as she sips on a local artisanal beer. There are a handful of suits that have clearly stopped to sip and snack mid-commute, and next to them a few hipsters in miniature beanies and rolled up jeans (their fixed speed bicycles resting on a tree trunk a few meters away). The spectrum of patrons is a beautiful representation of what we love about this urban bar and restaurant. With a focus on craft cocktails and regional seasonal dishes, Bottle Lausanne is a treasured spot that elevates the culinary and social scene of Lausanne.

If you go for lunch, you can get a single plat du jour dish or a 3-course menu, for afterwork they provide nibbles for aperó, and for your evening is a variety of flavorful and unique dishes are there to choose from. From “The F*%&!$G Fried Chicken” and Confit Pork Cheek for meat lovers to the wild garlic bread and roasted cauliflower with herb yogurt and tahini for the vegetarians, this menu, though small, is carefully curated to ensure your taste buds will be happy.

Place Pépinet 1, 1003 Lausanne

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August 15-21, 2022

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