June 10, 2021

It's hard to imagine opening a business in 2020, let alone opening in a space that was notoriously transient, hidden in a quiet alleyway in the center of Lausanne. But that's exactly what two friends from South Korea did with the opening of Bibibowl.

Bo Kyoung (Kay) Kim and Heon Suk (Dia) Lee had lived in Lausanne for several years and noticed a lack of authentic Korean food. Even though a global pandemic was looming, the two friends also realized a shift in consumer habits: takeaway was becoming a necessary and popular trend, but often lacked variety or healthy options. With these realizations, the two friends decided to open Bibibowl and offer simple but flavorsome Korean takeout to Lausanne residents.

At Bibibowl you’ll want to order their specialty: the Bibimbap. In Korean “bibim” means “mix” while “bap” means “rice”– so a bibimbap is a base of rice mixed with vegetables, your choice of meat (or tofu if you’re vegetarian), a fried egg and a sauce of your choice. All of their meat is Swiss, and the vegetables vary according to the season, but you’ll most likely find some variation of broccoli, green beans, zucchini, corn, salad, chili, or eggplant. While the beef bibimbap is their best seller, we highly recommend the pork! It was the perfect level of spice that added some fun flavors to our takeaway lunch rotation.

TLG TIP: They also have a kids menu for 10 chf that is extremely generous in terms of portions and is a perfect balance of protein and vegetables. Our kids, who can sometimes be fussy eaters, thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

Place Grand-Saint-Jean 2 (across from the back entrance of Manor)

Monday-Friday: 11h30-19h

Saturday: 11h30-17h

Sunday: Closed


August 15-21, 2022

July 25-31, 2022