Best Galette des Rois in Lausanne

January 3, 2023

Think the festivities are over? Thanks to this French tradition that dates back to the 14th Century, we get to have a bit more celebratory goodies with the Galette des Rois. If you're not up for baking it yourself, head to one of these spots in Lausanne for the best King Cake in the city. Now the question: who will find the fève and be crowned King for the day?

It’s all in the name. The Bread Store specializes in all things bread and pastry, and the line out the door every weekend shows just how serious they are.  Their focus on slow fermentation, natural ingredients, and artisanal craftsmanship means that every product that comes out of Bread Store is bound to be delicious — including their Galette des Rois.

This cute and cozy little tea room located near the gare is led by, you guessed it, Séverine and Luca. Everything is made on-site by hand by Luca himself, with a focus on ancient grains and sourdough. With a wide offering of sweet and savory delights, it’s hard to choose, but we recommend grabbing a Galette des Rois in addition to trying some of their award-winning sweets.

Named the official chocolatier of the City of Lausanne for 2019 and 2020, they know a thing or two about delicious treats. And lucky for us, Maison Buet isn’t just in the business of chocolate, they also have an incredible boulangerie selection where their Galette des Rois are well-known and quickly snatched.

Gluten-free or lactose-free? No problem. At El Gato, you are never restricted in your offerings. Priding themselves on their creative goodies, you won’t even notice that the baked goods or pastries you’re eating don’t have gluten or lactose. They have a special Galette des Rois this year with classic frangipane or a chocolate-chip edition too.

Their philosophy is simple but takes effort to execute: to put bread back at the center of the table and promote a healthier and more eco-responsible diet. While they don’t have a physical brick-and-mortar bakery here in Lausanne, they bake in Etagnières and provide many restaurants and shops with bread. You can find their bread stall at the market on Wednesday and Saturday (just in front of Carl Franz Weber), so grab your Galette des Rois just before Sunday’s Epiphany celebration.


May 15-21, 2023