Baies d’Erelle

October 21, 2015

We met Erelle over three years ago when our blog was extremely new and we were still trying to navigate our way around Lausanne. Little did we know that by meeting her, we had already stumbled upon one of Lausanne’s hippest and most creative entrepreneurs. This year marked a huge step forward in Erelle’s business, as she opened up her very first physical boutique here in Lausanne–and we must say, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Erelle’s pieces are bold yet graceful, daring yet subtle; using natural stones and precious metals, Erelle handcrafts each piece first before sending her designs off to Paris, where the same craftsmen who make items for Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel assembly the jewelry, and her gilder who also works for Balmains, Gucci, and Chanel, overlays select jewelry with gold. We asked Erelle to shed some light on her craft, as well as how it came to be:
When did you begin your company and what prompted you to start? Why jewelry?
At the end of the year 2009 I was working in a designer shop in Lausanne. I was always making my own jewelry because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. My boss liked some of my creations and she encouraged me to create a micro collection for her shop. And it started this way. I wasn’t planning anything about it. But the clients were asking me to create more pieces, and slowly it became more then just few models. Step by step I decided to create my brand. 
What’s your biggest inspiration when you design?
My inspiration is essentially the 1920s for the artistic richness of the time, mixing the grace and simplicity of lines, freeing the body and sublimating feminine curves. In my design work, I am guided by the fascinating imaginary world of tribal communities, giving a symbolic mystique to my jewellery. Strongly influenced by the folk spirit of the ’70s and its hippie lifestyle, my creative approach is in- tended to be receptive and constantly changing. 
We are in love with Erelle’s jewelry and still hold a special place in our heart for one of her original lines called “Heavy Lashes”.
You can find Baies d’Erelle jewelry in her boutique (which also boasts beautiful bags from Clare Vivier, gorgeously scented candles, in addition to carefully curated clothing and accessories) as well as several other boutiques in and around Lausanne, and also buy from the comfort of your couch from her online store.
Rue de l’Ancienne Douane 6
Tuesday: By appointment
Wednesday-Friday: 11h30-18:30
Saturday: 10h-17h

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