Bagel On The Way

October 6, 2016
Now we have to still be realistic here. As Americans who have sampled many-a-bagels in the city that never sleeps, we can’t say in good conscience that these bagels are authentically New York. We were still missing the perfect level of toastiness (all of our bagels seemed to be under-toasted), and even though we normally scrape off a large part of the generous schmear when we get bagels at home, we were still wishing these bagels packed that heaping spoonful of cheese.


We also found the name “Bagel On The Way” a bit misleading–here we were picturing the rush of the morning commute, grabbing a scrumptiously hot bagel on our way to work…but it doesn’t open until 10am so it’s more of a lunch spot rather than the traditional New York breakfast bagel & coffee location.


Regardless, we need to remember that it takes time for movements to begin and be perfected (do you remember the burger scene here in Lausanne 5-10 years ago? Now look at all of our options!), and we have great hope for bagels here in Lausanne! Now off to find donuts…


Bagel On The Way
Rue Petit Chêne 27
Lausanne 1003

021 311 04 88

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm

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