Atelier des Gourmands

May 9, 2018

Walking inside Atelier de Gourmands is like a feast for the eyes. Rows and rows of beautifully made cakes, cream puffs, and cookies line the tables, all ready for the taking. Which is why the best version of feasting with your eyes is the kind where you can then tangibly feast–and savor every bite. Friends, we’ve found a mini-mecca of all that is home-made and delicious.

The café/shop storefront is a bit misleading from the outside. Walking past and peering in, it seems like a small space set up with sweet treats and coffee. But if you venture in, you’ll find a beautiful, light, airy space in the back where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or snack–and even a courtyard terrace.  The decor is curated–with vintage pieces and art-deco lamps–but not in the least bit fussy. It’s truly a space where you can sit back, and settle in for awhile…which we recommend you do because this is where the fun begins.

Our favorite surprise about Atelier des Gourmands (besides the insane chocolate pistache loaf we tried) was watching the magic happen. As we settled in with our morning indulgence and Fabio Marco coffee cappuccino, our eyes were immediately drawn to a woman working in an open atelier right in the heart of the café. Large open glass windows lined the separated space, so we could watch her every move. She was measuring out flour and sugar, preparing to make another tempting treat, while her assistant meticulously spread confiture on sandwich bread, preparing to build a selection of sweet/savory sandwiches for lunch.

Sophie, the founder, baker, mover and shaker of Atelier des Gourmands is often in her atelier space, creating delicious concoctions that you can then try for yourself.

We were mesmerized and also felt a sense of comfort–watching a skilled artisan execute her craft in the heart of the café, and then being able to sample what she was making. It was almost like being in your mother’s kitchen again–sticking your finger in the cookie dough bowl and asking to lick the spoon. While there were no such demands made of Sophie, the owner and baker extraordinaire, we sensed that she totally would be the type to sneak a taste to a curious observer.

Amongst the sweet treats being offered, are also a mouthwatering variety of lunch options. From gourmet sandwiches like the one with fig, goat cheese, hazelnut, and arugula, to mixed salads with seasonal offerings, and scrumptious tartes salées. We also noticed a selection of artisanal juices and water infusions (we are so curious to try the yuzu water!).  Now off to satiate our cravings…because writing this article just made our mouths water and stomachs grumble.

Atelier des Gourmands

Rue de la Mercerie 14, Lausanne,

021 311 24 23

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