A Weekend in Lausanne [summer edition]

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July 6, 2017

Not sure if you saw, but The Telegraph published an article about Lausanne being the most underrated city break and it got our wheels turning; if we had just one weekend in Lausanne, what would we do/see/eat/enjoy? This is actually a question we get quite a lot, so we decided to take a stab at it. Here we go!

Saturday morning:

Pancakes, Detox Juice, and a Flat White at Blackbird Downtown Diner

Tanya’s pick: Head over to Blackbird Downtown Diner for pancakes or a breakfast burrito and a flat white made with their in-house roasted coffee. The service is friendly, there’s room for kids and strollers, and the no reservation policy is great for procrastinators.

Sarah’s pick: Grab a cup of Jasmine tea to go at Tekoe then head up to Place de la Riponne for a croissant or brioche au sucre from one of the vendors, weaving through the lively outdoor market as you go.

Gab’s pick: Reserve a table for breakfast by the large sliding windows at Café des Avenues. Order the saumon fumée on toast with a side salad and let your kids run free in the back section filled with shelves of books and games and a babyfoot/foosball table.

Saturday afternoon: 

Tanya’s pick: Take the metro down to Ouchy and hop on the 11:40am boat that gives you a tour of Lac Leman, the world UNESCO Heritage terraced vineyards in Lavaux, and all the neighboring villages along the lake (total boat time is 3 hours 40 minutes). Sample the local fare by treating yourself to a cheese and charcuterie board and some crisp white wine. *Tip: it’s totally worth it to spend a few extra francs and splurge on first-class*

Sarah’s pick: Take the train to Grandvaux, and grab lunch on the terrasse at Tout un Monde–the panoramic view is breath-taking and their local fish dishes exceptional. Reservations recommended.

Gab’s pick: Take the number 16 bus up to the woods of Sauvebelin, a forested refuge above the city with lovely walking paths, a brand new playground, and a 35 meter tower that provides incredible views of the city and its surroundings (just be prepared to walk 151 steps to get those views).

Julien Belli
Julien Belli

Saturday evening: 

Tanya’s pick: If you’re prepared before coming, make sure to get a reservation at Ristorante Amici. Don’t bother looking at the menu, just ask Francesco to make a selection and prepare yourself (and your tastebuds) to be wowed. Tip: Wear a shift dress or pants with elastic 😉

Sarah’s pick: If your weekend night involves kids (#sorry) and you want the option to stay in, grab a nice bottle of wine from a local shop like Cavavin, Globus, or Coop and order a pizza from Pizza Fratel that will be promptly delivered via motorbike.

Gab’s pick: Grab a bite (or a few–it’s small plates after all) at Eat Me and a specialty cocktail like the rosemary and chorizo infused Andalusia, then head down to Le Romandie where you can partake in a more intimate concert/show experience.

Sunday morning:

Tanya’s pick: Make reservations online at Le Pointu for Sunday brunch–order the eggs in a hole and a mimosa if you’re feeling fancy. Their coffee and deco is also spot on.

Sarah’s pick: Embrace the Swiss experience at Auberge du Chalet des Enfants–the old schoolhouse turned restaurant boasts local fare and its surroundings beg you to take an after breakfast walk.

Gab’s pick: Head on over to the Olympic museum, where any sports fans will oggle at their comprehensive and interactive exhibits, then head upstairs to TOM café  where they serve an impeccable brunch with an unparalleled view (reservations necessary).

Sunday afternoon:

Tanya’s pick: Take a train or drive over to the Lavaux terraced vineyards and walk the pedestrian paths amongst the vines; favorite towns are Chexbres (stop in Boulangerie Bidlingmeyer for a snack or drink–their pastries are to die for), Rivaz, or St Saphorin. If you’re feeling fancy, stop by the popular Le Deck, but be prepared to pay tourist prices for the view.

Sarah’s pick: Make your way to Jetée de la Compagnie, bring your bathing suit and jump off the deck right in front of the outdoor café. If you get hungry, try one of their many small local plated dishes or their grilled meats with a Lausannois craft beer.

Gab’s pick: Take the family to Parc de Milan, where there are plenty of playgrounds and paths to walk, including the botanical gardens that are totally worth your time (and the entry is free!).

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