A Weekend at The Lausanne Palace & Spa

June 28, 2017

We have occupied this little space of the internet for just over five years, and could not believe that this was the first time we decided to do an overnight creative retreat. As a team of three, we’ve realized just how complicated communication can be; our lives are already filled with our daily jobs, kids, and other social obligations, that it’s rare for all of us to be available at the exact same time. So when a weekend popped up where we were all free, we jumped on it and decided to have what we dubbed a “TLG Creative Retreat” right here in Lausanne. And the location? None other than the iconic Lausanne Palace & Spa right in the heart of the city.

We knew we wanted our weekend to be productive, but also helllooooo, we were staying at THE Palace—so we made sure to leave room for a bit of fun too 😉 On the agenda for the weekend? Connecting, brainstorming, executing, and of course, sampling what this historic hotel had to offer.

Walking the halls of the Grande Dame of Lausanne was other-worldy; thinking about the history this hotel has witnessed in the past 100 years was mind-boggling and so impressive. It really gave merit to the expression if these walls could talk. But then also opening your room door and encountering a modern & chic living space was a nice surprise for a hotel that opened in 1915 😉

We checked in late afternoon, and got settled in our rooms and once our bags were dropped we immediately headed straight for the balcony…because this was the view that was waiting:

A stunning panoramic welcome to our city–the lake, the mountains, and the bustling city just below. We could’ve stayed out there all evening long (well, one of our cameras did–check out the timelapse on our Instagram), but alas, we had some work to do before dinner.

After a couple of hours of catching up & connecting, we made our way downstairs to Coté Jardin, one of Lausanne Palace’s restaurants which features Mediterranean cuisine, and offers a panoramic terrace view. Unfortunately it was too chilly to sit on their lovely terrace, but our focus was mainly on the food–which was such a delightful treat.

From fresh summer salads and thinly sliced beef to Moroccan tagines and fritto mistos, Coté Jardin has an excellent range of dishes that are delicious and made with seasonal ingredients. And speaking of the summer season, their beautiful terrace will be open all summer long to welcome the BBQ season–every Thursday and Friday evening (and Sunday during brunch from 12pm) the Lausanne Palace opens up their “secret garden” terrace (which we featured in this post) where the beer is chilled and the grill is hot…a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon or evening in our books.

After dinner, we headed to one of our favorite bars in the city, which happens to be inside the Lausanne Palace (how convenient, right?)–honestly, we have been frequenting LP’s Bar since we moved to Lausanne 8 years ago. As far as energy and ambiance goes, LP’s always has a lively metropolitan vibe. The cocktails are spot-on and the live musicians are insanely talented…and such a fun element to an evening out (FYI: live music will recommence in September).

Also, did you know that LP’s has a huge spread of small bites available for all customers during apéro? So when you factor in the quality cocktail, the live music, and the free food, it’s kind of difficult to pass up an evening at LP’s bar 😉

Ah, if only all of our jobs involved dinner, cocktails, and music…right? After a long evening of conceptualizing and dreaming we knew that we needed energy for the next morning of actual execution of those ideas; it was time to slip into our pjs and cozy up onto our feathertop beds–we could really get used to living in a palace.

One of our favorite parts about staying in a hotel? Room service. Is there really anything better than having breakfast delivered to your door? We thoroughly enjoyed all of the lovely warm bread, the fresh squeezed juices, and frothy cappuccinos as we cracked open our computers and got to work.

During our stay at the Lausanne Palace, we realized how nice it was to stay put–sometimes all you need is a staycation, and what better place than at one of Lausanne’s most emblematic hotels, with an unbeatable location.

Lausanne Palace & Spa

7-9 Rue du Grand Chêne CH-1002 LAUSANNE

Tel. : +41 21 331 31 31


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