A Summer Evening to Remember

June 25, 2021

We spent the week watching the weather radars, an emotional rollercoaster that had our faces basking in the sun one minute and running for cover the next. And on the evening of our picnic it was no different; we had what seemed like all four seasons in the span of a few hours and felt that panic in our gut—similar to the one we had experienced when we first opened the event to the public and wondered if such a niche gathering would resonate with people. Would it work out? Would we be able to deliver on our promise of a special evening? Would this event live up to not only everyone’s expectations but also to our own? 

It did. And it was so good.

We’ve realised that this is what happens when you put something with specific intention in place— because that’s when the right people show up.

Twenty-four courageous, inspiring, and interesting women all gathered together under the pavilion at Jean-Jacques Mercier promenade with a common purpose: connection. We had intentionally set up “guidelines” for the event—it was for women only, and we had gone a step further and asked that they come alone. We knew that this meant almost every single person would be out of their comfort zone, but they came anyway, open and ready to meet new people.

There was belly laughter, heartfelt tears, conversations that went beyond the discussion of professional life and the weather (though honestly, what was the deal with the weather?). We savoured incredible food paired with the most decadent wine as we cozied up on pillows under the pavilion next to the candlelight and watched the rain cascade in silvery sheets.

It was in this moment that we recognised the symbolism of it all—the sky darkening as if obeying the laws of pathetic fallacy. We were, and still are, in a collective moment of re-emergence—and to gather together with the purpose of building meaningful relationships was exactly what we wanted to start this new life season. Perhaps the sky was darkened by the rain, but we understand now that rain is an essential part of rebirth.

We want to give a huge shout-out to the people who made this evening possible:

The Happy Picnic: Jessica’s eye for detail and her ability to take a vision and implement it beautifully is such a gift. We cannot recommend her company The Happy Picnic enough! It was such a joy and delight to celebrate alongside her.

TERRA: We had asked Dirk to help us choose wines, but we had no idea how much thought and care he would put into each pairing. Dirk and his company TERRA not only think about finding the most interesting natural wines, but he cares about the people behind the labels. Each wine, each product has a story, and we are so proud to be a partner with TERRA in helping tell it.

Also a big thanks to the local businesses that stuffed our goodie bags and spoiled our guests!

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March 20-26, 2023