7 Unique Cocktail Bars to Suit Every Occasion

February 18, 2022

Photograph by Pawel Czerwinski, article by Natalie Mazhindu 

After a minor, global pandemic-y setback, we’re ready to kick start round two of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ with some cocktail (or mocktail) fueled evenings that’d make Gatsby proud. So, get your glad rags on and check out our pick of cocktail bars in and around Lausanne.

What’s the vibe? Cloaked in the shadows of the cathedral, this charming speakeasy puts the ‘pro’ in Prohibition. Walking in feels like stepping back in time through a sepia-tinged haze into a secret world.

When to go? When you’ve had too much of the daily grind (peopling can be hard), go and tuck yourself away in the ‘hidden’ room behind the bookcase and disappear for a couple of hours.

What to order? We highly recommend the Banana Daiquiri (made with homemade banana syrup) or ask what’s new on the menu as they are always creating something.

Rue Cité-Devant 4, 1005 Lausanne

What’s the vibe? A fun, friendly atmosphere bounces off the walls in this industrial-chic establishment. The delicately shabby menu is reminiscent of an old-school notebook bursting with classic concoctions and an impressive array of quality whiskey.

When to go? Head here when you’re craving a casual, laidback evening set to a nostalgia-inducing 80s soft rock soundtrack.

What to order? There is something for everyone, from colorful cocktails to fine single malts. Pop next door to Vevey institution the Cave du Chardon, which has been selling wines and spirits since 1951.

Rue du Simplon 39, 1800 Vevey

What’s the vibe? This place is effortlessly classy and instills a sense of calm in all who enter. The small plates on offer have a truly international flair, which is perfectly complemented by their “culinary cocktails”.

When to go? After a hectic shopping spree, step behind the curtain for a stylish and sophisticated retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Lausanne.

What to order? Blurring the line between cocktail and dessert, the Lemon Tart is a real treat. It’s topped with burnished Italian meringue and even comes with a spoon, so you won’t miss a mouthful.

Rue Pépinet 3, 1003 Lausanne

What’s the vibe? Old Hollywood glitz and glamour is the name of the game. You’re greeted by rich jewel tones, twinkling disco balls, and the bar’s name is suspended from the ceiling in a blaze of lightbulbs.

When to go? If you’re eager to sprinkle on some sequins and strut your stuff on the dancefloor until the small hours, this is the place for you.

What to order? There’s a variety of options for the adventurous among you and don’t be afraid to go off-book. However, you can’t go wrong with a classic daiquiri served in a coupe glass – perfection.

Rue de la Barre 1, 1005 Lausanne

What’s the vibe? Besides the slightly jarring name, this bar’s unassuming entrance gives way to a cozy interior with wooden beams, exposed brick, and worn leather features. It’s comfortable and relaxed without a hint of pretension.

When to go? When you need to brighten a dark and gloomy evening with a colorful beverage, this is a great place for a super chilled after-work drink.

What to order? Despite a beautifully curated menu, we recommend asking the mixologist to conjure up an original creation just for you.

Rue Louis de Savoie 52, 1110 Morges

What’s the vibe? This bar has two very different faces. Cozy and cool by day; cosmopolitan and convivial by night.

When to go? In the mood for an after-party? Stamina permitting, they’re open until 3 am (weekdays) or 5 am (weekends)! Perfect if you want to stay up, sing along to some classic tunes, and chat to the doorman (or is that just us?)

What to order? Innovative and eco-friendly, they use local, organic products as far as possible. For a fruity classic try a Spicy Maï-Taï or take a chance with the deliciously tangy LCC Passion.

Rue Pépinet 5, 1003 Lausanne

What’s the vibe? Like its close relation above ground (Uncle Gau) this subterranean diamond is worth mining. Art deco features are juxtaposed with house music forming a fun combo we never knew we needed.

When to go? If you want to expand your horizons, the bar staff are extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and happy to answer any questions about what’s on offer.

What to order? All syrups and bitters are made in-house, and the signature drinks have a Eurasian twist. We bravely tried the Peking Duck, which includes a hoisin emulsion and is garnished with a little something extra.


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