6 Delicious Hikes Near Lausanne

June 23, 2021

Photo by Kasuma F. Gruber

We love hiking, we love eating--so why not indulge in a bit of both? Here's our roundup of our favorite hikes that also happen to have incredible restaurants situated near each one. Let's be honest, there's nothing like settling in on an epic terrace, sipping on something cold, and delighting in fresh and local dishes surrounded by the majestic beauty of the alpine landscape. Damn, it's nice to live, play, and eat here.

Nestled at the foot of the Massif des Dents Blanches, this is one of those special places that feels almost too idyllic to be true. Lush green pastures contrast with the glorious mountainous peaks and dense forests; a rushing stream provides a peaceful soundtrack to your walk. 

There are several hikes you can do around the area, and settling onto the terrace of this restaurant after you’ve put in the effort is one of the best rewards.  Featuring regional dishes (try the Cholera…yes, that’s the name of a dish) using products from the area, it’s a spot that you won’t want to leave–and don’t have to–they have guest rooms!

TLG Tip: this is a super family friendly place, and several of the hikes/walks around the area are relatively flat.


A little over an hour from Lausanne is a small village called Solalex, near Bex, whose claim to fame is having the largest alpage in Switzerland. Cows roam freely, give birth in the wild, and have the gorgeous rolling landscape to explore. And nestled in this valley, surrounded by the silvery steep rockface of its namesake, is the restaurant Miroir de L’Argentine. In the winter, you can hike or snowshoe about an hour from the carpark to the cozy Alpine restaurant, then sled down after a fondue. And in the summer, there are plenty of walks and hikes (like the Tour de l’Argentine which takes about 5 hours from Solalex). Grab a seat on the terrace, order a crisp glass of local white, and indulge in a fresh and inventive menu that departs from the usual meat and potatoes found in mountain restaurants.

TLG Tip: Try the oeuf de cane de Monsieur Eddy cooked in a cocotte with foie gras and black garlic.

A place whose culinary offerings are inspired by its natural surroundings, this Auberge and hiking area stands at 1,253 meters and lies at the foot of the Grand Muveran, facing the Col des Martinets. The menu changes with the season, and depending on when you go you may find subtle touches in your dish from their very own botanical garden. It’s a perfect and peaceful spot to unwind and again, spend the night if you wish.

There are several hikes and walks around the area, but one in particular from Gryon will lead you along a gorgeous path beside a river and above the Avaçon Gorges–it takes about 3 hours (around 8km) and is labeled as moderately difficult.

With a breath-taking view of the verdant and velvety landscape, as well as the Dent de Lys, the Buvette Le Vuipay is a family-owned and operated restaurant that offers specialties from the Fribourg region (read: cheese, glorious cheese). 

You can pretty much pick your path around the area, but there’s a multi-seasonal hike (follow the snowshoe path N. 8) that takes you into forests and onto pastures, opening up a view of the Teysachaux summit. It’s a 7km loop that will eventually lead you to this special buvette, and you can make it shorter by starting it at La Cuva instead of Pont de la Cascade.

Just watching the gorgeous Highland cows skip and leap in their pastures makes you realize the importance of happy cows (sorry not sorry to say, but they taste better). At Les Croissettes, a family-owned and operated buvette close to Lac de Joux in the Jura, you come for the high-quality organic beef but you stay for the familial and epic surroundings. We could tell you all about the hikes to take, but this restaurant has already outlined it beautifully on their site. One reader recommended making the ascent to Mont Tendre, which looks like it would be a 2-hour hike up. Now excuse us as we watch more videos of these happy cows.

Karin and Christophe invite you to partake in the region’s specialties while soaking in the gorgeous surroundings on their terrace. The crowd favorites here are the röstis (recommended by a reader who knows a thing or two about dining), and if there was ever a setting to enjoy a rösti, it may be here in Villars. 

According to Sonia, you can start your hike from the car park from the RoyAlp Hotel and walk about an hour through flat forested paths to the restaurant, or if you want to make an epic Swiss hike out of it, make your way to the Col et Lac de Bretaye (around a 1 hour walk from the Col de Soud), or even continue to the Lac de Chavonnes where you can swim in an alpine lake (an additional 30min from Bretaye).

Other favorite restaurants surrounded by hikes recommended by readers:

And for those who have a bit more time (and energy)

A huge thanks to all of our readers who helped us source this information. Obviously, the best places to know are the ones that have been tested and approved by those with discerning taste. We’re happy to have you here and a part of our community! Got a hike you’d like to add?  Let us know.


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