5 Inspiring Things – January 2022

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January 26, 2022

Sometimes there are certain things that catch our eye and make us pause. Whether it's something fleeting - a funny trend that will most likely last just a few moments - or something raw and poignant that leaves a lasting impression - there are times when we aren't sure just how to share these little inspirations which is why we created this column. A catch-all for the random, but fun to read nonetheless.

1. Wordle

a graphic of the popular online game wordle

These little yellow, gray, and green boxes are flooding screens everywhere and making international headlines. If you haven’t caught the Wordle bug yet, it can be summarized as an online-only word guessing game where you have six chances to guess a five-letter word. There’s only one game released every day, and people are proudly displaying their top scores, tweeting strategies, and implying that how you play signifies how you see the world. Our favorite part of it? The fact that its origin is rooted in a love story.

2. La Vie en Rose, short documentary by Lausanne's Christophe Saber

We recently re-discovered this absolutely beautiful and poignant short documentary, made by ECAL graduate Christophe Saber who we had the pleasure of interviewing many years ago. He narrates the film and recounts his personal experience buying Super 8 film from a garage sale and tracking down a Lausannois family who appears in the old films, trying to return the footage to the rightful owners. Its conclusion is both heart-wrenching and pensive, and deserves to be watched.

3. Papet Vaudois

a photo of papet vaudois


Leek, potato, sausage – what’s not to love? But with Vaud celebrating its independence day earlier this week, there’s even more excuse to eat this regional specialty. Not sure of the history? This summary is pretty entertaining and makes sense in terms of innovative ways to ‘stretch’ the meat – or make more out of less. Regardless of the history, this is one Vaudois comfort food we’re happy to eat in celebration of our great canton. 

4. Double Vie by RTS

a scene from RTS show Double Vie


A French-speaking show that’s getting international attention and was filmed right here between Montreux and Lausanne! This limited series (6 episodes around 50 minutes each) is about a wife who discovers after the death of her husband that he was leading a double life. You can find more information or watch the series on RTS.

5. La Belle Époque de l’Art Nouveau Exhibition

©Henri Rivière

From January 28, the Musée d’art de Pully will offer the public an immersion into the Belle Époque of Art Nouveau. Through a hundred or so works and original editions, all from a prestigious Swiss private collection, the exhibition retraces several aspects of the Art Nouveau movement that shaped the face of Europe between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

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