3 Fall Foliage Forest Hikes Near Lausanne

October 11, 2022

Photo by Aaron Burden

Though we love the bite of winter air on our cheeks as we ski, the smell of springtime awakening in the city, and the long summer evenings lakeside, it's fall that romances us the most each year. And of all this season’s sensual indulgences, escapes to gilded alpine paths are what we look most forward to each year. The most dramatic colors are fleeting, so pack your backpack with some trail mix and water, and choose one of these delightful mountain hikes in Valais within an hour of Lausanne.

Lac de Taney from Vouvry

Though the ascent is steep, the breathless arrival is worth the effort when you step onto the peaceful plateau of Lac de Taney. With two simple mountain restaurants, endless soft grass, and pristine waters for swimming, be sure to leave enough time to simply rest and enjoy before descending.

Difficulty: medium | Length : 8,6km | Time : 3:15h

Photo credit: Valais.ch

Croix de Culet to Champéry through the Cou pass

This panoramic hike offers spectacular views on the changing seasonal colors over Val d’Illiez. It also brings you to one of our favorite places to dine and play – the Barme plateau. Call ahead to the Cantine des Dents-Blanches or the Cantine de Barmaz to reserve your table. For more info, check out our article on 6 Delicious Hikes Near Lausanne.

Difficulty : medium | Length : 17,6km | Time : 5:30h

Photo credit: Valais.ch

The Route des Diligences (Vernayaz)

Despite sounding vaguely judgmental, this stunning hike will revive the spirits and nourish the soul. Built in the mid-19th century to connect some of the first alpine tourism resorts, the route des diligences crosses beautiful gorges and forests, making it an excellent itinerary for enjoying fall colors in all their variety.

Difficulty : medium | Length : 13km | Time : 5h

Photo credit: Voyagesrandonnees.ch

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