2018: A Year of (Non)Resolutions

January 9, 2018

We hope you had an incredibly relaxing, adventurous, and satisfying holiday and are ready to take on 2018. While reflecting on our hopes for this year, we realize that 1) we really hate New Year’s resolutions and 2) we still feel some pressure to make them. And then we stumbled upon this TEDTalks video given a few years ago by a man named Matt Cutts who fell into the same category as us. He talked about years of failed resolutions, of setbacks and discouragement…and then he talked about one day when something actually clicked: don’t think of it as a year, take it in stride with 30 days. Instead of thinking about cutting things out, stopping habits, deleting things–think about it as a positive and sustainable addition to your life for just 30 days. Is there something you’ve been wanting to try but never can get around to doing? Photography? Archery? Riding your bike to work? Listening to more podcasts? Writing a novel?

Then do it. For 30 days, do it.

For this month, we’ve decided to commit to something that may sound simple and a bit silly: make our bed every morning. Some of you may already do this (you’re amazing), but we find that with the rush of the morning we often neglect this ritual and in some ways, it sets a disorganized and messy precedent for the rest of our day. It’s a simple gesture not only for the tidiness of our house, but for ourselves. We’re starting the day off with intentionality, precision, and order that somehow always leads to productivity. Plus we heard a common characteristic amongst millionaires is that they all make their beds–one can dream, right? 😉

Here’s to taking 2018 in small, sustainable strides. And finding surprise joy around every corner!

Would you ever try this 30-day “challenge”? If so, what would you do for 30 days?


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